Kansas Woman Becomes Third Sister To Turn 100, She Celebrates With Her 104 and 102-Year-Old Siblings(video)

Even though it's always great to celebrate your birthday, there are some years that are particularly significant turning points for a person's life. Being finally old enough to drive on your own, participate in local elections, or make purchases that you previously may not have been able to makes you happy. Usually, as the years go by, you get more independent and move closer to actually discovering who you are.

A group of three sisters from Kansas have learned to appreciate and enjoy celebrating these life milestones with friends and family. Frances Kompus, a lady, turned 100 years old on November 11, 2021, marking a significant life milestone. much while reaching a century is a tremendous accomplishment in and of itself, the fact that she is the youngest relative in her family to do so makes it much more amazing.

Julia Kopriva and Lucy Pochop, her two elder sisters, both went away a few years ago. Kopriva reached her 104th birthday in November 2021, while Pochop celebrated his 102nd birthday in June. At the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Atwood, Kansas, where they were all baptized, confirmed, and married, the three sisters gathered to commemorate Kompus turning triple digits. Together with another 50 individuals, they shared their joy.

The siblings' sense of unity as they have all admired the lovely times they have been able to share with one another throughout their lives is the most stunning aspect of this narrative.

In the same location where they had so many special experiences together, Kompus celebrated her 100th birthday alongside her 104 and 102-year-old sisters, according to USA Today. Kompus stated of her birthday celebration, "I liked it. It was an enjoyable gathering.

The Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and the first time they were legally allowed to vote are just a few of the momentous events that the three elderly sisters have seen over the years, according to KSN-TV. What the key is to such a long and wealthy life may be a question. Kompus cites her own motivations as having a good diet and outlook. She also exhorts people to interact with one another, go on walks, and "keep going."

Kopriva, Kompus, and Pochop have always been close, and it's obvious that their bond has grown closer with time. They all moved into nearby Atwood flats after becoming widows. The sisters are so close that The Three Musketeers has been used to describe them. Kompus constantly sought for methods to "keep up with her sisters," whether it was working or having fun.

Kopriva remarked, "I'm grateful that we girls are together all the time.

Future generations were given some advise by the sisters, who urged them to eat well, exercise, and show gratitude to their elders. Being a centenarian in and of itself is an accomplishment, but what's even more amazing is that the sisters don't even feel like that much time has passed.

Kopriva remarked, "I don't believe (any of us) feel that elderly.

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