Sweet Dog Is So Excited That People Remembered Her Birthday(video)

Meet Athena, a cute puppy that turned two recently.

Although Athena's birthday might have been celebrated quietly, her family wouldn't have tolerated it.

Instead, to make their dog's special day one to remember, they offered her a wonderful surprise.

On her birthday, Athena's owners, Hayleigh Powell and her family, made sure to show their dog extra care and attention throughout the day, but they kept the best for last.

After all, a celebration wouldn't be complete without cake and music.

According to Powell, "I kept the cake a complete surprise from her, making sure she didn't see it," he told The Dodo.

Athena was overjoyed when the big surprise finally happened:

Powell remarked, "It felt amazing seeing her so happy." "I'm sure she felt special," I said.

Without a doubt, Athena felt the affection. Additionally, she could taste it.

Powell considers Athena and her canine siblings to be family, not simply pets. Therefore, it only makes sense to lavishly celebrate their birthdays.

Powell stated, "I want them to have the finest experiences they possibly have.
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