White Couple Gives Birth To Black Triplets After Going Through Embryo Adoption(video)

Unfortunately, many individuals in positions of authority continue to rule our society with fear and prejudice. More people are divided and hate each other than love. Given this, it is all the more remarkable when we come across examples of people who embrace our differences rather than allowing them to drive us apart.

Two people, Aaron Halbert and his wife Rachel Halbert, believe that this variety serves a spiritual purpose rather than merely highlighting individual distinctions. The Halberts are a white married couple that follow their religion. The couple's family currently consists of an adopted African-American son, a multiracial daughter, and triplet African-American daughters who were born in 2016.

Aaron, a missionary based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, told the Washington Post the tale of how his family came to be in 2016 after hearing remarks about how unusual his family is. The opinion post brought Rachel and Aaron a lot of notice for their work. More than 1300 individuals have left comments on the story discussing the actions the family took.

In the essay, Aaron said he could relate to people's confusion when they learned that his wife, an evangelical white guy like himself, was expecting triplets of African-American descent. Aaron went on to say that he understood that the same people would be similarly perplexed by the 3-year-old mixed brother and 2-year-old African American sister who were waiting for them at home.

As a pro-life advocate, Aaron told his audience that he finds the situation to be totally normal. He claimed that his wife undoubtedly shares his opinions on the subject.

As the blue-eyed, cotton-topped white kid who stood out like a sore thumb as the child of evangelical missionaries in Honduras, I was keenly conscious of racial variety but yet felt a strong connection to the locals despite how different we appeared. Contrarily, my wife was raised in the Mississippi Delta, and it wasn't until she visited Haiti a few times that the veil of racial discrimination was lifted from her eyes.

The happy father also stated his conviction that embracing variety strengthens the globe since it is a manifestation of God's creative creativity. Aaron stated in the article that he and his wife were interested in adoption while simultaneously trying to become pregnant organically. "We recognized race may play a huge part in our family dynamics when we began the adoption process, which encouraged us to seriously consider what a racially varied family would look like," Aaron said. Added him:

We hold the opinion that when you gaze into anyone's eyes, you are gazing into the face of a God-bearer and an individual whose soul is immortal. Although that is what unites all people, our racial distinctions are nevertheless considerable. The many physical traits of the human family serve as wonderful reminders of God's creative genius. It's not that we don't believe in or acknowledge race. In actuality, we accept it because we can see it.

The Halberts underwent a procedure known as embryo adoption or donation. According to the National Embryo Donation Center, there is "a surplus of frozen human embryos" due to the surge in popularity of in vitro fertilization (IVF). They calculate that there are around 1,000,000 of them in the US. When biological parents who have had IVF have finished their families, they must "decide what to do with their leftover embryos." Donating them to other couples is one increasingly well-liked alternative.

The National Embryo Donation Center helped the Halberts adopt embryos, and when two of them were implanted, one of them divided into twins, leading to the birth of triplets for the family. Aaron discussed in his opinion post how the couple's friends and family had been highly supportive of their choice. He stated:

"It's been encouraging to see how strongly our friends and relatives feel about our family and the unique methods we've raised it. We are only carrying out our ideal in our heads. Given the history of our nation, we are grateful that this dream—which may not seem like the typical family—could come true.

Additionally, he talked of his "sheer excitement" at seeing his older children kiss their mother's tummy during her pregnancy and his happiness when they eventually got to meet their newborn sisters. Added him:

Oh, how grateful we are to God for blessing us with these adorable children He has given us to care for, even though this is not how we had envisioned it when we were dating and discussing adoption 12 years ago.
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