Woman gets the sweetest tattoo in mem.ory of her beloved Dog(5 photos)

He enters our lives and our emotions in this way. 

That's a sweet way to remember your dog, who is constantly at your side.

What a lovely memorial to your furry child, who will always be a part of you... lovely in every way

Anna Halcin and her beloved dog, Sebastian, were constant companions for six years.

Halcin narrate: He was precious to me and always will be; we were the greatest of friends and he cherished hugs on my arm.

A nice gesture that Sebastian had created on his own was one of the numerous ways he would express his love for Halcin.

Sebastian would approach and place his little paws on Halcin's arm at what seemed to be the ideal moment every time.

Even though they were having a great time, it couldn't stay forever. Sebastian departed last October.

Halcin's unexpected separation from her cherished puppy was heartbreaking. However, in the middle of her grief, she came up with a beautiful idea for how to keep Sebastian a part of her forever.

Just as Sebastian would hug Halcin in life, he now does the same in spirit, as commemorated in that creative homage. She picked a design that reflected Sebastian's favorite position.

Now, whenever I glance down, it feels as though he is touching me, according to Halcin. That has greatly aided my ability to cope.

What a magnificent memorial to your angel...

Even though Sebastian is [go.ne], he still makes Halcin smile and comforts her when she needs it most. just like he always had.

I share your sentiments about your last pet and am impressed by your creativity in coming up with a method to honor it. They are related.

We never forget our dearly loved family members, beautiful tribute

This is only understandable to those who have a true affection for their dogs. Dogs are the best.
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