Blind Man Can See Wife And Son's Faces For The First Time Thanks To The Power Of Technology(video)

As people, we have a tendency to take many things for granted, especially our senses. Undoubtedly, one of the things that we frequently take for granted on a daily basis is our capacity to see. One individual from Colorado has a distinct perspective because of his diverse experiences.

Stargardt's disease is a rare inherited eye condition that was discovered in Gene Purdie when he was 16 years old. Although it usually begins in childhood, this illness can also be found in adulthood. Purdie had the illness from birth, but it wasn't until the young man was in his teens that physicians were able to diagnose him.

Purdie's ailment caused him to lose a sizable percentage of eyesight, and he is now regarded as legally blind. Certain areas of the field of vision are affected by the condition. This has caused Purdie to progressively lose the ability to view the center of his vision, just the periphery.

Even though Purdie's vision isn't perfect, the severity of his disease hasn't stopped him from leading a regular life. Lincoln, his son, was born after he wed Joy, his wife.

In a letter to the "Rachael Ray" presenter in November 2015, Joy requested assistance in showcasing her husband's expanding family. Ray and eSight had been working together to provide cutting-edge technology to individuals in need. Joy had seen an episode where a woman with Stargardt's illness was assisted by the program to see her sisters smile for the first time in years.

Purdie has only been able to distinguish the contours of objects since being diagnosed with Stargardt's disease. He has never been able to appreciate the pleasure of gazing into the lovely face of his wife or the endearing emotions that his little kid makes.

Purdie knows he is losing out in many ways, especially his son growing up without being able to see him, but he is grateful for all the good things he does have in his life and makes the most of it by participating in a variety of interests and activities.

But once Purdie accepted an invitation to the "Rachel Ray" program and had the chance to test out a pair of cutting-edge spectacles that the technology's creators were only beginning to experiment with, things started to change. Purdie was able to see the world clearly for the first time as an adult, but his first glance was directed at his wife and children.

Joy was carrying their young son, Lincoln, as she watched the performance from the sidelines. Purdie remarked, "Oh, she's lovely," upon seeing Joy. What a wonderful experience it was to finally be able to visit his wife! Joy sobbed as she realized that her spouse could now see her face. Despite the fact that they had been together for a while, it was the first time she had ever been able to recognize her husband's physical presence.

The only reason that technology has been able to bring a loving couple and their child together in this touching moment is because it has reunited families.
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