Airline Refuses To Let Dad Board Plane With Baby So Elderly Woman Says 'I'm Taking You Home'(video)

Every parent understands the challenges of traveling with their children. This also applies to newborns.

Parents need to make sure they have snacks, drinks, and entertainment available. In addition, a parent has to know how to ensure that their children behave in the backseat.

For parents, flying is a whole different kind of terror. Traveling by airline may be rather stressful, but it becomes ten times more difficult when a newborn is involved. You have more than just your youngster to worry about when you're flying. When your child unavoidably irritates other passengers, you have to deal with it.

An Ohio parent had firsthand knowledge of the strains involved with flying with a toddler. Rubin Swift just received custody of his daughter, according to ABC news, so he traveled from Ohio to Arizona to pick her up.

He made sure he had all the necessary documentation to return the child when he made the trip arrangements and spoke with the airline. The airline refused to let him and his child to board the aircraft again, despite his best efforts.

Naturally, Swift requested a refund, but the airline informed him that it would take seven days to process his request. Additionally, the airline informed him that a youngster must be at least 7 days old to board one of their aircraft. Swift and his daughter were left stuck in Arizona without any money, a car, or a place to stay as a result.

Fortunately, Joy Ringhofer saved them. During the infant's early days of life, Joy was the baby's nurse. Even before the father saw the kid, she developed a close attachment with him. She extended an invitation to Swift and his daughter to remain at her house until they could make their flight home.

Swift even pledged to bring the child back to meet her at some point in the future. He also vowed to keep in touch with Joy. Eventually, the father and daughter were able to take a plane back to Ohio and start a new life together.

Swift stated to Inside Edition:

"She said, 'I'm coming to grab you and take you home,' which surprised me. I'm wondering, "Is she going to drive me back to Cleveland?" at this point. However, she genuinely took me to her home, where she has been feeding me and watching over my child."
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