Chuck Norris Thanks His 101-Year-Old Mom 'For Everything' After She Raised Him And His Brothers Alone(video)

The most well-known roles that Chuck Norris has had are in "Walker, Texas Ranger" and around 20 action films. Norris is also a martial artist, screenwriter, producer, and producer of movies. In his lengthy life, he has accomplished a lot, including creating his own martial art form and appearing in a series that has received international recognition.

Chuck has had success in Hollywood previously, but he has also faced hardships. His wife Gena O'Russell and mother Wilma Norris are two more people in his life who have supported him. Chuck uploaded an emotional Instagram photo in November 2020, when he and his wife celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary. He referred to himself in it as "the luckiest man in the world when Gena and I got married" before he continued:

Happy Anniversary to you, my lovely wife! There aren't enough words to express how much I adore and value you. I appreciate you letting me into your life. I thank God that we are together every day.

The 83-year-old actor is fortunate to have his amazing mother, who will turn 101 in May 2022, at his side. In addition to having a long and interesting life, Wilma raised Chuck and his two brothers when her husband abandoned them when they were young. The family had additional difficulties, but they overcame them as a unit.

Chuck has previously discussed his mother's impact and even claimed in 2020 that she prayed for him to find a marriage and make it through while he was getting lost in Hollywood, and both of those things happened. Let's look at it.

Chuck has never been afraid to discuss how difficult life has been for his family. In fact, he previously said that Wilma started having problems when she was just 8 years old. She had a rare condition at the time, which caused her to spend two years in a children's hospital alone without the support of her family.

After she recovered at age 10, she had to work to support her family during the Great Depression since they were so poor. She took up sporadic tasks, such as picking cotton in the little town of Wilson, Oklahoma, where her family resided, rather than attending school like other young people her age. Chuck clarified in a WorldNetDaily interview in 2020:

"After selecting one field, they frequently moved to a different town to select a different field. Life in the Dust Bowl was anything from simple, particularly during the Great Depression's first ten years.

Before giving birth to Chuck at the age of 18, Wilma had already met and married Chuck's father by the time she was 16. After giving birth to two more kids, Ray Dee—Chuck's father—left the family, leaving her to care for her sons by herself.

However, his birth brought Chuck and Wilma together forever despite the fight that almost lost them both their lives. Chuck disclosed that he was born after seven days of labor in a piece he wrote to celebrate his 80th birthday in 2020, emerging "bluish-purple from prolonged oxygen deprivation." According to him, his mother and he "almost didn't make it."

Chuck stated the following in the piece he wrote:

"The doctors and others weren't sure I would survive during the first five days of my existence. In a letter to my aunt that was sent that same week and is still in Mom's possession, my grandmother wrote, "Wilma's baby probably isn't going to live." But we all caught them off guard!"

And to everyone's amazement, they did. Chuck said in an interview with the Christian Post:

"Throughout her life, Mom has served as a model of tenacity and faith. Along with losing her two husbands, a stepson, two grandkids, and my younger brother Wieland in the Vietnam War, she has also had to deal with these losses. She has experienced many bouts of cancer and has undergone close to 30 operations for a variety of conditions, yet she is still alive to share her story.

Chuck also believes that his mother's prayer helped him overcome obstacles in his own life. Added him:

"Throughout thick and thin throughout my life, my mother has prayed for me. I nearly passed away from problems during my birth. She was back at home praying for my prosperity and salvation when I was on the verge of losing my soul to Hollywood a few decades ago. She even prayed for me to meet a lady who would transform my life, and it was successful.

Chuck and Wilma have a really special relationship and have always supported one another no matter what. The actor is tremendously fortunate to still have his mum, who is 100 years old, at his side, as well as his wife, who is the other most important lady in his life.

Wilma turned 101 in May 2022, which is quite amazing accomplishment! Chuck posted a picture of her on his Facebook page with the caption: "In honor of the occasion and in remembrance of one of the most significant women in my life."

"Mom, happy birthday! 101 YEARS OLD WOW! There aren't enough words to express my love and gratitude for you. I appreciate all that you have done for us throughout the years that God has blessed us to be together.

Wilma has led a remarkable life and hasn't slowed down at all. "Acts of Kindness, My Story," a memoir she published in 2011, including details of her life, her background, and how she brought up her boys. She sat down for an interview with Mike Huckabee in 2012 to promote the book and discussed family, faith, and the "secrets" she employed as a mother to nurture her boys into successful stand-up comedians. To Huckabee, she said:

"I had them attend church." We prayed continuously during Sunday school, which I taught. I placed a high value on my spiritual life. is still.

When Huckabee questioned Wilma about parenting advice for new mothers, she responded with the following words of wisdom:

"I would advise you to show them a lot of love, but also to educate them and take them to church and Sunday school," you said.

Then Wilma became sentimental. But as you can see, God simply temporarily lent us his offspring; he did not give them to us. And I shall soon see mine, as you know. She giggled as she added, "I don't know when. Huckabee chuckled and said Wilma was "stronger than most of us." There is no disputing that Wilma is a remarkable woman; her 101st birthday is already far behind her, and she has her eyes set on her 102nd in May 2023.

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