Man Swims Together With White Polar Bear He Has Raised For More Than Two Decades(video)

Grizzly Man, better known as Mark Dumas, is taking pet ownership to a completely new level. Just when you think you've seen all a pet owner will do for their beloved friend, a man makes the decision to swim with the largest land predator as he'd stroll his pet dog.

Polar bears are renowned and magnificent animals. They are among the most beloved animals in the world, and many people are working nonstop to make sure they have long and healthy lives in the wild. However, even in the water, these animals are strong and dangerous. Polar bears are amazing at activities on the water.

According to the World Wildlife Foundation, despite their enormous body weights, they are capable of swimming for days at a time at speeds of up to six mph. Polar bears frequently travel between frozen areas of land for hours at a time while swimming continuously in quest of food. They can grasp the ice once they arrive because to their large paws and razor-sharp claws, which also assist them paddle for swimming. It's intriguing how polar bears can swim while solely using their front legs for propulsion. As a rudder, the back legs are used.

The fact that polar bears are not at all white is another fascinating fact. They seem as white as the snow because of their transparent fur that reflects light. Since their skin is literally coal black, this aids in their ability to blend in with their natural environment. They're incredible, aren't they? Imagine being able to enjoy all of this magnificence with a polar bear as a pet! It sounds a little bit too much like a fantastic way to turn into a snack for the majority of us. But for Mark, it's the same as touching, swimming, or caressing a cherished pet.

Not only is Mark the only guy in the world swimming with a polar bear, but he is also 60 years old. The polar bear in question also happens to be his devoted friend. According to the video's description, Agee, Mark's 800 lb, 16-year-old polar bear, enjoys taking frequent swims in Mark's pool. Agee is kissed, hugged, and wrestled by Mark.

He even rests his head within of her enormous paws. Mark, a polar bear handler from Abbotsford, British Columbia, has worked with animals for more than 40 years. Agee has been groomed by him and his wife, Dawn, to appear in films and commercials. Agee first featured in the 1996 film "Alaska" when she was just a few weeks old. From the time she was barely six weeks old, Agee has lived with Mark and Dawn. She was bottle-fed, and she has been allowed to play freely with them and the other household pets. According to Mark, Agee has lived with him her entire life. She is constantly there. I'll be with her till either she or I pass away. That's just how things are, in a sense.

However, Mark is quite clear that anyone else would probably become meal if they even tried to talk to Agee, much less try to swim with her. Agee can be safely interacted with, claims Mark, because he can read her. He respects her authority and adheres to her directives. Even if just Mark and Dawn visit Agee in her house, it's comforting to know that she has a secure haven to call her own. Despite the efforts of several organizations and people, wild polar bears aren't as fortunate. Their native environment is still gravely threatened and is gradually disappearing.

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