“Sacred White Raven” Cared For On Vancouver Island After Being Found Malnourished And Injured(4 photos)

The personnel at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre on Vancouver Island, Canada, will never forget this summer because they will have the opportunity to host a very rare visitor: a young bird known as the "holy white raven." The small creature was discovered on the ground in the Oceanside neighborhood in May, and a kind neighbor took it to the center.

It's a shame the raven was in such awful form at the time. It was wounded, underweight, and, unsurprisingly, unable of flying.

This bird isn't a real albino, according to Derek Downes, an animal care technician who is one of its primary carers. It is a leucistic raven since it lacks melanin.

The absence of melanin, however, continues to have a negative impact on the health of leucistic birds, particularly their immune systems. In the wild, they often don't live very long.

They have been nicknamed the "holy white raven" because of their highly unusual mutation, which has been well-documented in this region of the world, particularly the Parksville Qualicum Beach region, according to Downes. "They frequently perform poorly. Since their immune systems are weak, we are working really hard on this one. With this one, we're hoping to succeed because we've learnt what we can do in the past to aid it.

Downes claims that his team is presently force-feeding the bird since it won't eat on its own. In an effort to strengthen its immune system and aid the ill bird in recovering, they provide it a lot of antibiotics in addition to the required minerals and vitamins.

Additionally, Downes is caring for a raven for the first time, and he considers the experience to be "very amazing." Fortunately, the fortunate bird is doing pretty well after receiving attention from Downes and his associates.

He added, "The raven is developing rather nicely. "It has finished taking its second round of antibiotics, and it did great. At this moment, all infections have disappeared.

Although it takes time, they are optimistic that the white raven will soon be able to return to its native home.
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