Watch: Whale Shark Tօpples Bօat Thrօwing Twօ Wօmen Dangerօusly Clօse Tօ It(photo)

The world's biggest fish in the ocean are thought to be whale sharks. These spotted aquatic creatures are relatively friendly and normally move slowly, in contrast to dangerous sharks. While it is not advisable to approach them, whale sharks typically don't bite people.

However, despite being the biggest fish in the world, they are incredibly powerful and can even topple bats.

Two women were thrown into the ocean after a whale shark collided with their boat in a similar occurrence. The brand-new viral video was posted on Twitter on December 15 by a user going by the handle vertime.

Two males swimming in the sea while wearing life jackets are seen in the footage. A man throwing a bat may be seen from a distance.

Although the women are implied to be having fun in the water from the perspective of the spectator, the video's latter half shows a very different and rather ominous scene.

The visual scene then shifts to an underwater setting where, much to the shock of social media users, a massive whale shark can be seen gurgling copious amounts of water and creating waves on the surface. The two women are said to have maybe fallen off the boat when the whale shark hit the boat.

Although the enormous fish does not appear to be making an assault, the two women appear to have been struck by lightning at the unexpected encounter.

I'm never swimming in the ocean again, the tweet's author declares. The Twitter community flocked to the comments section as soon as the video appeared on the microblogging platform to share their reactions to the unusual encounter.

One user said, "These are whale sharks and are gentle giants. They are harmless. You can snorkel in Cebu, Philippines, and see them there. Don't be concerned; they won't bite you. Another person said, "Little whale sharks aren't dangerous to us, but I'd freak out."

On the other hand, a third person had some serious doubts about the video and believed it to be a hoax. This video is a fraud. The battalion of the bat is where? And light reflecting off the water's dark surface... very blue," he said.

Even though it's unclear if the viral video is real or not, the footage is unquestionably funny. The Twitter post has garnered more than 227.9k likes and more than 11 million views thus far.
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