Teen Who Walks 16 Km In The Snow To Job Interview Is Made A Job Offer He Can’t Refuse(video)

During his 10-mile journey to a job interview last week, an Indianapolis adolescent stopped to seek directions and received more assistance than he had anticipated.

The 18-year-old Jhaqueil Reagan asked the man who was putting ice melt in the parking lot how far it was to his destination.

The restaurant's proprietor, Art Bouvier, advised Reagan that he still had five or six miles to go.

Amid a now-viral Facebook post, Bouvier wrote, "I advised him take the bus instead of walking, especially in all this ice and mud." He said "thanks" and went on. He could have requested cash for a bus, but he chose not to.

Reagan continued to slog through the snow a little while later, and Bouvier and his wife decided to pick him up.

Why aren't you on the bus?, FOX 59, the local news station questioned Bouvier. "He stated until I have a job, I can't afford the bus."

Reagan was far from his goal and traveling along a street without sidewalks when they picked him up.

Reagan was dropped off at his destination after Bouvier, who admired the teen's work ethic and willingness to travel so far for "a prospective (but not guaranteed) minimum-wage job," gave him some lunch money.

"I requested his phone number and instructed him to continue the interview, but I would see if I could hire him so that his daily travel would be 3 miles rather than 10.

Reagan was given a position at Papa Roux by Bouvier after his prospective employer rejected him.

Reagan claimed he stopped going to school two years ago when his mother passed away in an interview with FOX 59.

He finished his GED while looking after his siblings. Reagan was thrilled to get the chance.

Reagan expressed his gratitude for having met Bouvier. I'm really fortunate to have come upon him.

Since then, more than 25,000 people have liked and shared Bouvier's Facebook post.

After hearing the tale, the neighborhood transportation system handed Reagan a free one-year bus pass.

The reality that he suddenly had a job, transportation, and a sizable following appeared to overwhelm him.

"That's absurd. I have no idea. It's insane," Reagan said. "Right now, my heart is simply racing. I'm simply too eager to begin because of my excitement.

Reagan will be a wise investment, according to Bouvier.

I aim to present Jhaquiel to anybody who delivers me a sob tale about how they need money for this or that because they genuinely want to better their life. Bouvier penman.

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