At 82, Donna Mills Flaunts Ravishing Silver Fox Look After Taking 18-Year Acting Hiatus In Her 50s To Raise Daughter(3 photos)

A legend in Hollywood is Donna Mills. Over five decades have passed in the actress's remarkable career. on the 1960s, she began her career on television. The budding talent starred in a number of popular television shows, including "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing" and "The Secret Storm." Donna debuted in a movie in 1967 called "The Incident," costarring with Ed McMahon, Thelma Ritter, Martin Sheen, and Beau Bridges.

The rising celebrity was stereotyped as the helpless damsel for many years. But her desire to escape this brought her to her most memorable performance to date. The award-winning actress's most well-known character these days is from the prime-time soap series "Knots Landing," where she played Abby Cunningham.

1980–1989 saw Donna as the series' lead actress. Her depiction of the crafty and deceitful Cunningham earned her three Soap Opera Digest Awards for Outstanding Villainess. Additionally, Everythingzoomer listed Donna as one of the "5 Prime Time Soap Opera Villains We Love To Hate".

Donna's breakthrough performance was followed by several film and television roles. She focused more on film acting after leaving "Knots Landing," landing roles in the television films "In My Daughter's Name" and "My Name Is Kate." The native of Chicago has a net worth of over $9 million and more than 100 acting credits to her name.

But at the pinnacle of her fame, Donna departed Hollywood because she felt that something was lacking. Donna took an 18-year break from acting in 1994 to devote herself to being a mother, something she had always wanted to accomplish. But once her tiny baby grew up, Donna triumphantly returned to the big screen.

Donna had dedicated the most of her life to her work, but in her 50s, she experienced a turning point. Although she had a long-term relationship with Richard Holland, she was "happily unmarried," according to Orange Coast Magazine. Later, in 2001, she fell in love with Larry Gilman, the star of "M*A*S*H."

In a People interview, Donna said how, when she was in her 50s, she didn't feel like her life was complete and that's what made her think about adopting a kid.

"I was very concentrated on my career, but at a certain point, I realized there was something missing — it was a child," she stated. "So I pursued it. When she was four days old, I adopted her."

According to Donna, many people believed that she was too old to be a mother of a small child at the age of 54 and worried that she wouldn't have the stamina to become a mother in her 50s. The Daytime Emmy-winning actress, nevertheless, believed that age was only a number.

"People remarked, 'You're going to be so old (to have a tiny toddler running about),' although I was 54 years old at the time. I never experienced that," she said. "I never felt older than the other mothers who were probably in their 20s."

Donna told People that she would advise other women to follow her example of enjoying motherhood later in life, particularly if they aspire to have a great job and a family.

"If you want to give to your career, I say having a child later in life is better than having a child early," she stated to the newspaper.

Donna made the decision to postpone her profession, at least temporarily, after adopting her daughter.

Donna acknowledged that being a mother was a full-time job and that she didn't plan on missing out on the experience of raising her child.

"I took an 18-year hiatus. She said to People, "I didn't work. "Well, I worked for the first several years. I did several television movies and things because I could bring her with me everywhere I went. However, once daughter began school, I decided to stop leaving the city for up to two months at a time. I didn't become a mother in order to assign her to a babysitter, too."

Even though Chloe Mills is now 28 years old, she and her daughter still have a tight bond. According to what Donna told the publication, she texts her daughter nonstop during the day and even schedules a weekly get-together.

In the meantime, Chloe, a model and social media influencer with over 18,000 Instagram followers, has developed into a stunning young lady. She went with her mother to the premiere of her film "Nope," which was directed by Jordan Peele and included Steven Yuen, Keke Palmer, and Daniel Kaluuya in addition. The event took place in July of 2022. While her daughter looked lovely in an emerald green satin dress, Donna wore a simple white pantsuit. After the occasion, Donna shared pictures of herself and her daughter on Instagram with the following caption:

"A night I'd never turn down! I'm grateful for the kind welcome I received in London and for the opportunity to be a part of @jordanpeele's amazing work, which includes the movie @nopemovie. Oh, and thanks for being my date, my sweet girl @chloenicolemills.

The actress is overjoyed with how her life has turned out, despite others criticizing her for putting motherhood before her profession. The Daily Mail claims that Donna "fell in love" with Chloe the instant she laid eyes on her and realized they were destined to be together.

That was all there was to it: she was mine. She was intended to be with me, and I really think the proper child finds you," Donna remarked.

After sharing a picture of herself and Chloe, Donna shared a picture of herself by herself, looking amazing for 82 years old. Mills penned the caption, saying:

"Myself and my rabbit on the @dailymail I've never made a better choice than she has...She's grown up now, and I'm so happy to be back in front of the 🎥 🌼.

Donna is still a well-known celebrity today. Alongside Fran Drescher and Joey McIntyre, Donna successfully made her movie comeback for the Lifetime series "Dawn," which is based on the best-selling book by V.C. Andrews. Donna plays the evil grandma Lillian Cutler, and based on her performance, she's nailing it. Donna used Instagram to flaunt her sinister ensemble, which included a bold blue jacket and a big brooch. Her changed haircut, nevertheless, attracted the most notice. She replaced her well-known honey blond locks with a shoulder-sweeping head of wavy silver-white hair.

Blondes are said to have more fun.but I'm very into this white, what are your thoughts? Mills posed a question to her fans in the caption.

Admirers found Donna's new appearance amusing. I adore it. A person said, "It makes your beautiful eyes pop even more than they usually do!" Another said, "You look beautiful no matter what color your hair is!"

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