2-Year-Old Warrior Beats Stage 4 Cancer After Almost 500 Days Of Brutal Treatments(video)

Seeing a youngster afflicted with an illness is among the hardest things to witness. Seeing young, defenseless souls afflicted with illnesses capable of taking down even the toughest adults breaks the heart of mankind. Mom from Kentucky Chelsea Hughes is all too familiar with this nightmare. Molly, Chelsea's infant daughter, was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma at 4 months of age.

The news devastated Chelsea and her family, who feared that their happy little child would not live to be two.

More aggressive forms of the illness only have 40–50% survival rates, while neuroblastoma, a kind of cancer that originates in the nerve tissue in young children, usually has a 90–95 percent survival rate.

Molly showed that she could overcome all the obstacles. Molly's cancer was discovered to be in remission by medical professionals after she had endured arduous chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery for a total of 130 days in the hospital.

The toddler's positive prognosis quickly gained widespread attention as Chelsea shared the amazing news with her Facebook fans. Using the hashtag #MollyStrong, Chelsea has kept friends and family updated about her daughter's fight against neuroblastoma over the course of her 15-month therapy.

Chelsea's statement placed a strong emphasis on the fact that Molly was a warrior rather than a victim. Pictures of Molly sporting a Wonder Woman t-shirt and a sweater with the words "Super Molly" emblazoned on the back are all over her social media accounts.

The small girl was never able to learn to swim because of all the IVs all over her body. Chelsea stated in an interview with CNN that Molly would have an amazing summer. because Chelsea is excited to teach Molly how to swim with her 4-year-old brother now that she is cancer-free.

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