Grandson Devotes All His Time To Care For Ailing Grandmother So She Doesn't Have To Go To A Nursing Home(video)

A twenty-something man with a bright future ahead of him decided to put off courting or marriage in order to take care of his ninety-six-year-old grandma full-time. Chris Punsalan is a Filipino digital content producer who resides in the United States. Since 2016, he has been caring for his grandmother, or "lola," and he has been garnering popularity on TikTok and Instagram by sharing videos of him delivering care.

Punsalan is a musician who makes a career by producing beats. He uses social media to market his songs online. But in November 2019, Punsalan posted a new sort of video on TikTok, showing his fans another side of his life as his grandmother's caretaker. The video gained over a million views in a single day after becoming viral.

Punsalan's grandmother spent twenty years teaching in public schools before emigrating to the US. She was a constant source of inspiration for her grandson. Punsalan claimed that despite having a large family—as seen by his grandmother's 90th birthday celebration—he ended up taking on the role of primary caretaker because everyone else had jobs and other obligations to fulfill. It was also his way of repaying his grandma for all the years she had raised him when he was a little child.

Punsalan received a ton of emails and private messages after sharing his "Day in the Life of a Caregiver" video. Many of these comments were from people who were either caregivers for their own family members or loved watching him interact with his grandma. Initially, he posted movies with the same topic to capture his time with his grandma and create memories, but the favorable responses encouraged him to upload more of the same.

Punsalan's movies with his grandmother, however, quickly changed to include advice on caring for elderly persons with impairments as well as suggestions for exercises. Punsalan uses the films as a means of communication with those who may not have heard their native tongue in a while. Speaking Kapampangan, the seventh most common dialect in the Philippines, at least 2.8 million people, primarily from the province of Pampanga in Central Luzon, understand Punsalan and his grandmother. As Pulsan clarified:

"It's possible that they no longer reside with their family or that they haven't heard from their grandparents in a very long time. Thus, they may identify with their culture through these movies."

Punsalan is also aware of the backlash to his widely shared video, with some questioning why he felt the need to share his "good deed" online. He added that even before his grandmother's health declined, he had been accustomed to recording his life.

Punsalan claimed that the response to his viral video had left him truly bewildered and overwhelmed. Nevertheless, he has received letters from young children telling him how much he has motivated them to take care of their parents or grandparents, so it's unlikely that the complaints would deter him from posting additional video about caring for others.

Punsalan claimed to have firsthand experience with the isolating nature of providing care for a family member while his mother worked as a full-time caregiver. Although he acknowledged that he had difficulties in the early years of taking care of his grandmother, he was opposed to her being placed in a nursing facility.

"It is just really hard to see a family member that you grew up with — knowing to be strong and independent — to see them become so dependent on other people."

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