Keith Urban Looked Past His Rough Childhood To Became The Father He Wanted To His Two Daughters(photo)

Different households have different parenting philosophies. Some fathers are far more tolerant and laid back than moms, while others are stricter and more authoritarian. On the other side, matriarchs are often characterized in most cultures as loving, supporting, and compassionate.

Grammy Award-winning artist Keith Urban goes above and above for his two children, pampering them obscenely and instilling in them a sense of unending love from the day they are born.

Urban had a difficult upbringing, especially because his father never made him feel loved. The musician eventually got over that and worked to fulfill his childhood dream of being the parent he never had.

He is fortunate to have a life partner with whom to raise his kids. Nicole Kidman, an Oscar-winning actress, is married to Urban.

The two fell in love during G'Day LA, a celebration of Australians residing in Los Angeles. A few years after Kidman and her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, divorced, they started dating. Urban and Kidman got hitched in Sydney, Australia, where they now call home. They also live in Nashville, Tennessee, New York City, and Los Angeles.

The two girls, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, who were born in 2008 and 2010 respectively, have since been raised by the couple.

It's undeniable that one's upbringing and adolescence have a significant role in shaping their own awareness and guiding ideas. Urban attributes his success as a father to the experiences he had throughout these periods. Learn more about the factors that influenced the singer's parenting philosophy by reading on.

Keith Lionel Urban, one of the most successful country music performers in the world, was born in Whangarei, New Zealand parents Bob and Marienne. Urban's family relocated to Queensland, Australia, when he was just 2 years old, and a few years later he first showed signs of musical interest.

His parents encouraged his early artistic endeavors and even allowed him to pick up a guitar and ukulele when he was just 6 years old. Notably, his father, who at the time ran a convenience store, put up a sign asking the community to help him find a guitar instructor.

After learning the ins and outs of the instrument, Urban entered regional singing contests and even joined the community theatrical group.

In the end, Urban succeeded in breaking into the Australian music industry. He recorded his debut record in 1990, and after backing up Australian music legend Slim Dusty, he traveled to Nashville and finally appeared at the Grand Ole Opry.

It's interesting to note that his love of performing country music is a reflection of his parents' inclinations, who encouraged him to pursue music as a young child. The Ranch, an Australian-American trio Urban founded in an effort to push himself even further, finally broke up after only releasing one album.

His debut self-titled American album, which was later published and went platinum, gave rise to Urban's first No. 1 single on the Billboard Country charts. He thereafter started a solo music career.

While his parents, particularly his father, were crucial to his musical career, not all was as it appeared at home. Urban opened out about a dark period in his connection with his father that contributed to his downward spiral in an interview.

The "Don't Let Me Down" singer opened up to Rolling Stone on what it was like to grow up in a distant family without intimacy.

He was a strict physical disciplinarian, as I recall. I would have answered, "He never did anything I didn't deserve," ten years ago. I now understand that it's not about earning it," he said.

"As a child, I don't remember dad ever telling me he loved me. The one thing he ever said after I performed a concert that I felt was amazing was, "When you talk onstage, you've got to slow down." He never voiced an opinion elsewhere. And as he grew older, he appeared to have forgotten how he had disciplined me. He had no memory, and I don't believe he was lying to himself about it. You being hit? I've never done that! Urban progressed.

It appears that Urban chose country music so he could sing about his family's problems, which prompted his battle with addiction. He overcame his own personal challenges with the aid of his wife Kidman, who stepped in early.

Now that he has two beautiful kids, Urban is a proud parent. Urban raved about parenthood and his children on the ABC Special "Country Music's Biggest Stars: In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts":

"It's a fantastic sensation. Additionally, I like having females. You see, I come from a household with only a brother and no sisters. As a result, learning has been quite a curve in a positive manner.

Urban has often talked about his two children, Sunday and Faith, and he is genuinely moved by the warmth of fatherhood. "You can see it even at two and a half years old. Therefore, it would be interesting to observe how they continue to grow "In an interview with ABC, Urban mentioned the two.
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