Mama horse lost her baby then melts 26M hearts after ‘adopting’ orphaned foal(video)

Animals adore their young and care for them just as much as people do. However, difficulties might arise during childbirth occasionally.

The same things that affect people also affect animals. If her offspring die after birth, a mother animal is likewise devastated. When they discover they have misplaced their children and keep seeking for them, some people appear melancholy.

A pregnant Friesian horse named Uniek lived in the Netherlands.

She was aware that something was awry as soon as she started to give birth. She was concerned about the situation as she strutted about her stable. She was being soothed by Yvonne, her owner.

An hour after Uniek gave birth, the vets who helped her took out a foal that wasn't breathing. They tried their hardest to resuscitate him, but to no avail. He sadly did not make it.

Yvonne, who remained behind, consoled Uniek.

The distraught mare continued to lick her dying foal in an effort to resuscitate him. As they removed the foal from Uneik's barn, Yvonne continued to console Uneik. There was no question that her cherished horse was suffering greatly.

The Friesian Horses team, including Yvonne, received excellent news. She was informed by a friend that they were caring for an orphaned foal.

The foal of another horse would not find favor with Queen Uniek, but she reasoned that it might be the answer to her sorrow.

The foal was taken to their property in a vehicle after being loaded. Yvonne inquired about Uniek's interest in adopting the foal. While the foal had no mother, her son passed away. Optimism flooded the barn.

Yvonne brought Uniek up to the foal gradually.

The encounters were pretty hesitant at first. She returned the foal's sniff, and he did the same. She performed a small dance as if she were taking ownership of the foal when she saw him in front of her.

"It was a very unique occasion. I never considered that this would occur. We knew right away that Queen Uniek accepted Rising Star, Yvonne said to The Dodo.

Since that time, Queen Uniek has never left Rising Star's side.

The following day, they stumbled upon the endearing mother and son, and Uniek immediately become quite protective of her adoptive foal. She traveled with him everywhere. Uniek and Rising Star frequently shared a path.

Rising Star was the happiest foal Yvonne had ever seen out in the pasture.

He ran and played freely, just like any juvenile animal would. Uniek closely followed him and watched after her child in the meanwhile.

A video of Uneik greeting the foal may be found here.

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