Man Finds Baby Squirrel On Bed—Four Years After Rescue Animal Grows Up To Be Adorable Pet(4 photos)

They believe the finest things always come out of the blue. This was a true story from a guy who, in 2016, discovered a surprise on his pillow after returning home on a chilly morning. In the midst of dry pine branches and thickets, there were two little pink squirrels on his pillow.

Sadly, one of the squirrels was unresponsive, but there was still cause for delight. The other squirrel was still alive, and as word of its survival spread online, it amassed over 200,000 Instagram followers.

Little Thumbelina, a courageous baby who entered the world on March 7, 2016, is now a 4-year-old eastern grey squirrel. According to the website for Thumbelina, her mother gave birth to her under the least ideal circumstances. Due to the turmoil caused by construction, her mother's habitat was damaged, forcing her to enter a stranger's home where she gave birth to her two children on the stranger's bed.

She snuck out to gather twigs and leaves for her babies' nest, of course, doing her best as a mother to care for her delicate brood. The stranger was shocked to see two baby squirrels on his pillow when he returned home. When it came time for these young animals to be reunited with their mother, professional wildlife rehabbers Christina and her husband Michael came to the rescue. Sadly, the mother did not emerge from the wild, and their efforts had no fruit.

One of the little squirrels perished soon after that. The last squirrel to survive struggled to maintain her health and was even given the moniker Thumbelina. She was fortunate to locate a residence with Christina and her husband.

The two, who have a shared love of animals, have helped care for several newborn squirrels that have strayed from their moms' care. The pair releases the young squirrels into the wild when they are old enough to survive on their own. Thumbelina, however, would avoid this destiny since she appeared to differ from other squirrels in several ways.

Speaking to Zoomin TV, Christina justified her behavior as follows:

She simply lacked "that little squirrel spark that makes them sort of be a squirrel," said the author.

In comparison to other squirrels they have handled in the past, Thumbelina seems to grow a little more slowly and differently. Christina reveals that instead of the usual five weeks, Thumbelina took roughly nine weeks to open her eyes after being transported to Earth. Additionally, she chose to stroll over jumping like other squirrels.

Thumbelina had a somewhat unusual diet. The majority of newborn squirrels quickly forget about milk and develop a taste for solid food. Thumbelina, however, clung tenaciously to her milk bottle and vehemently rejected solid food.

The little squirrel preferred to live alone since she struggled to get along with other squirrels. She's frightened of squirrels, Christina said to The Dodo. They appear to be small monsters in her eyes.

Thumbelina was said to not have been designed to live in the wilderness by herself. She has special qualities that prevent her from surviving in the wild. Thumbelina would quickly achieve superstar status as a result of her special and sensitive qualities.

According to Thumbelina's website, in October 2018, the two-year-old was discovered to have medical issues, including Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, an enlarged uterus, Endometriosis, pain, fast weight growth, and extreme edema. Later on, she would undergo a complete hysterectomy treatment.

Her progress is chronicled on her Instagram feed, which has amassed more than 200,000 followers. She is now physically capable of munching on avocado and arugula leaves, which have recently gained popularity online.

Thumbelina enjoys cuddling up to Michael and Christina while sporting her adorable baby caps and heart-shaped sunglasses. Many of her supporters are inspired by the tale of this small squirrel. As Christina stated on Zoomin TV:

"Our favorite comments are ones from individuals who are depressed or who have lost a family one and used to gaze at her to sort of cheer them up," the author says.
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