Adorable 4-Month-Old Baby Tries To Sing Along With Karen Carpenter Song(video)

I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good Carpenters song? Whatever the case, one 4-month-old infant is demonstrating his admiration for the vocal trio. It's easy to see why a 2014 video that went viral of a little infant trying to sing along to a Carpenters song went viral; it's so cute.

One of Adler's mother's friends thought it was time to introduce him to a well-known Carpenters song as Adler was seated at the kitchen table in his car seat, securely fastened. "I Need To Be In Love" is being sung by the woman as she bends over him.

At first, Adler seemed to be enthralled by her voice and the music itself. John Cooksey, the parent's buddy who submitted the video, was prompted to start filming a video by his endearing response, and we're so happy he did!

Adler's endearing grin widens as the song goes on, as if he can't bear to listen to it any longer. With small whiny noises made in sync with the mother, the adorable youngster opens his mouth and tries to sing along.

Adler is still beaming, clearly loving the music and the chance to join in on the chorus, as he looks into the friend's face of his mom.

Not only is "I Need To Be In Love" a successful song for babies, but claims that Karen Carpenter personally preferred it to all of her other songs.

John was compelled to share the adorable video of Adler singing with everyone after seeing it! He promptly posted it on YouTube and thanked Adler's mother Lisa for inviting him over and allowing them to see such a priceless performance.

The video has received over 4.8 million views since it was uploaded to the internet! Some people said that the combination of the lovely music and the adorable baby's look had them in stitches. Another person claimed that Adler's facial expression demonstrated that he could feel every word of Karen's well-known song.

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