After Being Rescued By a Pack of Huskies, This Kitten Has an Identity Crisis(5 photos)

A young, abandoned cat was left to fend for itself as a stray on the streets of the southern bay area of California when it was just a few weeks old. The abandoned kitten developed a close bond with one of the sisters' stunning Siberian huskies, Lilo, when they found and saved the cat and took it into their house along with their other cuddly pets.

Little did anybody realize that this poor, suffering cat would soon grow up to be a brave dog with an odd temperament.

The chilly spring in California

Even while it may seem like the weather in California is constantly bright and sunny, winter and spring can sometimes be rather frigid, particularly up north. A tiny kitten was fighting for her life on her own in April 2015 in San Jose, California, where nighttime lows reached the 40s. The adorable, abandoned cat, who was just a few weeks old, was going to experience a whole different kind of warmth, and everything about her luck in life was about to change.

Rescue by Thoa, Thi, and Tram

A special someone was going to help the suffering, dejected stray cat that was discovered on the streets of the southern bay area.

A native Californian named Thoa Bui was much more than simply an animal lover. Over the years, she had saved many animals, and she had developed a deep affection for them. Therefore, Thoa wasted no time in welcoming the abandoned cat into her home once she and her sisters Thi and Tram came upon her.

But it's not as simple or straightforward as it may seem to remove a stray from the streets.

The Critical Situation of the Missing Kitten

The adorable kitten was discovered near to Thoa Bui's coworker's home, and when she discovered her by alone, she was heartbroken. However, the issue about taking in stray animals, especially kittens, is that even if you find them alone, they might not always be abandoned.

But because she had previously cared for puppies and cats, she was able to recognize the telltale symptoms that indicated whether or not they should intervene. It was obvious to them all, according to Thoa, that this newborn cat was "malnourished, sluggish, and dying," she told ABC News.

How to Handle a Stray Animal You Find on the Streets

Before you accept any kind of stray animal into your care, it is without a doubt crucial that you be a skilled animal rescuer. The first and best course of action is to call the local animal shelter for assistance if you are unable or unprepared to manage the matter on your own.

It's a good idea to watch the street animal for a few hours first to determine whether it is actually abandoned or not. Sometimes a mother would leave her infant to acquire food and come back shortly to care for them.

But it didn't appear that this applied to the lost kitten.

Publicity Getting the Important Kitten

Did you know that taking an animal baby away from its mother or litter might cause them far more distress than if you abandoned them on the street? So it's important to take care of stray animals and maintain a safe distance from them in order to prevent them from fleeing the area where their mother has abandoned them.

Thoa gathered the cat's residence and attended to her right away since it was clear to the skilled animal rescuer that the cat was in need of urgent treatment and was wandering the streets.

Rosie the baby's nutrition

Thoa welcomed her into his home and gave the adorable, cuddly kitty the name Rosie. Thoa sought to ensure the adorable stray felt secure and at home while taking care of her and was prepared to do whatever it needed to save her. Like every infant, Rosie needed to eat correctly in order to grow and develop normally. This was even more true considering that it was obvious that she was undernourished. Rosie didn't appear to respond to any type of assistance, though, no matter what Rosie tried, and she recognized that perhaps it was time to enlist some further assistance.

Adding More Personnel

The seasoned animal rescuer wanted to assist Rosie in any way she could, but she was finding it much harder than she had anticipated.

"We attempted to care for Rosie when she came our way. But nothing we tried was successful "The Dodo was informed by Thoa.

She tried to come up with ideas that would make this small kitty feel more at ease while doing so with a heavy heart. At that point, Thoa made the unusual decision to enlist the assistance of Lilo the Siberian Husky.

Rosie's Paws Under Her

Thoa was concerned that Rosie wouldn't survive another night without a nutritious meal because the unfortunate cat was taken from her mother at such an early age.

Rosie could have needed another animal friend to help her feel at home if Thoa couldn't make her feel secure enough to eat and heal. Everything for Rosie changed as soon as Thoa introduced her adored dog, Lilo the husky.

Rosie's preparation for feeding time

"For hours, Lilo never left Rosie's side, the woman told ABC News. The two had an immediate personal connection. Rosie snuggled up with Lilo, and as the time passed, it became obvious that she felt safer and out of danger.

Before Thoa knew it, Rosie appeared to be prepared for feeding time as well! The small cat, pretending to be Rosie's mother, tried sucking on Lilo to receive some milk and nutrients while in search of food.

During dinner, cuddled up

According to Thoa, who spoke to ABC News, "She caressed her and reassured her until she was healthier and ready to eventually sip from a bottle."

However, Rosie wasn't the only one who chose to enjoy supper with a partner that evening. Rosie felt safe with Lilo, and it was obvious that Rosie felt the same way about Lilo. Lilo spent a lot of time by Rosie's side and didn't even get up to eat that evening.

Thoa had to physically deliver Lilo's meal to her while she cuddled with the adorable stray. And as cute as that was, Thoa never would have guessed what would happen next between the two darling animals.

Natural versus nurture

According to Thoa, Lilo was never a mother and never could be one, at least not organically. But it appears like she has very strong maternal instincts when it comes to nurturing like a mother!

During their first snuggle, Rosie cried for milk as soon as she felt secure enough to stop being surrounded by Lilo's comforting warmth. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Thoa remarked, "I think she realized that Rosie needed her." It appears that they both filled a void in one another's hearts.

Who Said Cats and Dogs Fight All the Time?

The adorable bond that the cuddly cat and adorable pooch shared ended up saving lives. Thoa truly thinks the two of them have a particular link that is just as cute, quirky, and funny as Lilo had with the small cat.

They must be touching while they are sleeping at night in my sister's room, Thoa said to The Dodo.

So who said that dogs and cats always fight? Thoa first assumed she would just foster the kitten until she was fit and healthy enough to be adopted by a loving household, but it soon became apparent that the two animals had other ideas.

Additional Two Family Members

Nobody would have predicted that a Siberian Husky and a three-week-old kitten would get along so well. Once Lilo and Rosie made an impression on one other, they quickly bonded like mother and daughter and couldn't be separated.

But Rosie wasn't the only new family member Lilo had. Lilo was a member of a pack of three lovely huskies before Rosie ever existed. The other two were named Infinity and Miko.

But just because Rosie and Lilo were getting along didn't mean she couldn't also find solace in the other two large dogs.

In No Time Infinity, Miko and the charming, maternal Lilo were best friends and worked as a team. So, did they still have the same love for one another after Rosie joined the group?

It turns out that Rosie had a particular bond with the other two huskies as well. Unexpectedly, they all accepted one another as members of the pack and rapidly become close friends.

What a very heartwarming story!

They also didn't simply become best friends. Rosie had the want to do everything and everything the dogs did.

A Weird But Ingenious Idea

Thoa would leave Rosie at home whenever she took the dogs on walks, just as any other house cat would. Thoa and her sisters, however, said to Buzzfeed that after returning home one day, they saw that the small stray cat, who had before had warmth and affection in her eyes, now appeared depressed. At that point, one of Thoa's sisters made a very unorthodox suggestion.

Rosie's "Ridiculous" Ride-Along

When one of Thoa's sisters noticed that Rosie would cry every time the puppies left, she came up with a strange but brilliant plan. Yes, they made the decision to try it out and tag along with Rosie for a day.

"Thoa said, "I was thinking, 'You're insane, we're going to look silly. But after considerable persuasion, Thoa consented. "And we occasionally [look foolish], but that's okay... Basically, Rosie goes anywhere we go with the dogs.

Who could have imagined?

Living the Cat Life Through a Dog's Eyes

Not the funniest dog-like habit their small cat appeared to like was taking their pet cat for walks.

In an interview with ABC News, Thoa said "When [Rosie] observed Lilo and the dogs going outdoors to use the restroom, she began to follow suit. Lilo wished to be leashed and accompany the group when they were for walks.

They weren't just best friends; Rosie truly saw them all as role models and began studying how to live the finest cat life possible through the eyes of a dog.

So, when it came time to find Rosie a home, what was Thoa supposed to do?

Forever Home for Rosie

Before anybody understood what was happening, the vulnerable, timid lost kitten on the street had quickly developed into her own brave, tiny husky. Thoa was already caring for several cats in addition to Lilo, but when it came time to make a choice regarding the increasingly self-assured and brave feline, she deferred to her loyal canines.

"Rosie has joined the pack. Since Lilo is their leader, Infinity and Miko just welcomed her, and they're all now excellent friends," Thoa said ABC News, indicating that they will be Rosie's everlasting buddies.

A Feeling of Home

The adorable and amusing cat had a feeling of belonging in her group, and she actually didn't only think of herself as a dog. The camaraderie amongst the pack became stronger and stronger as Rosie began to mature.

However, it should come as no surprise that an animal's behaviors, routines, and instincts vary from species to species. How then could Rosie take up and adhere to all the canine mannerisms so intensely if there were were other cats present?

Does Rosie Ever Display Cat Behavior?

Rosie's belief that she is a husky like her mother Lilo, her siblings Miko, and Infinity is extremely endearing and entertaining. Does she ever behave like a cat, albeit she may believe she is a dog herself?

The Dodo was informed by Thoa that "She undoubtedly has cat-like characteristics because she lives with other cats who are also her buddies.

But Lilo treats Rosie like a motherly, nurturing mentor because she left such a deep, positive influence on her.

She's a dog, deep down

"She may be aware of being raised by a husky deep down. And she adopts so many of those characteristics," Thoa said to The Dodo. Thoa claims, "She feels she's more like a dog than anything." What a hoot!

And what's really funnier is that Rosie has acquired a lot more canine traits than just taking leashed walks and using the outdoor potty. The four of them not only eat together from the same dish and take leashed walks together, but they also embark on adventures with the family.

All the Cat Stereotypes: Cat Fighting

Naturally, Rosie will always be a cat, but she was raised by a band of huskies and developed an unexpected bond with their affection.

She has demonstrated not only that dogs and cats do not always fight, but also that she is not a normal cat's fear of the water.

According to Thoa, who frequently travels by car, "We recently brought Rosie kayaking and paddle-boating with us." She's not scared at all, and she knows that as long as Lilo is with her, everything will be well.

A Gem in the Rubble

There is little doubt Rosie endured and survived a lot as a kitten, even if it was only for a few weeks. She has shown to be a wonderful gem in the rough for this family, especially considering that those few weeks were her very first ones in this world. She may have adopted some of her mannerisms from her huskies, but she is a tough cat in her core.

However, since Thoa and Lilo welcomed Rosie into their house with such warmth and TLC (tender-love-and-care), Rosie seems to have grown another significant characteristic.

A New Fur Baby's Mother

Rosie was a suffering stray that Thoa took it upon herself to save from the streets, but Lilo is truly Rosie's lifesaver. Moreover, Thoa chose to save more cute animals than only Rosie. Rosie has naturally helped to nurture any additional adorable cats that Thoa has taken in to foster and care for, just like Lilo did for her, as she has grown up and become a strong member of the furry family. Even their pet turtle receives care and affection from Rosie. Talk about making you cry and melt your heart!

Getting in touch with people worldwide

It is obvious that Thoa Bui and her sisters are incredible animal lovers and exceptional caregivers, whether it is with the priceless dogs they have acquired or the adorable fur babies they are fostering.

In addition to touching their hearts, Lilo and Rosie's connection and precious tale have inspired people all across the world. Don't worry, though; their adventure continues on without us!

Through social media, the Bui family has kept the public up to date on their gorgeous pets so they may experience their unconditional love and follow along on their journeys.

Additionally, they made a really endearing post about Rosie's development a year after her rescue!

Obtaining a passing grade

Although she was raised in Thoa's home among other cats, Rosie obviously prefers dogs since she believes herself to be one. The lost kitten that was once a "baby" has now become a mother, even if it might have taken some time for some people to get used to the idea.

After the Bui family took in nine foster kittens, Rosie put her parental abilities to the test and aced it. It's very cute to see Rosie taking care of the new litter of foster kittens in the video the Bui family shared on their YouTube page! However, their caption is as endearing.

Happy parents

Who doesn't enjoy seeing videos of cute cats? Fortunately, the Bui family has followed Rosie's development throughout the years, and this specific video demonstrates how much they value and adore both Lilo and Rosie. It appears like [Rosie] has absorbed some of Lilo's lessons, according to the description! Although she has never had a litter of her own or any milk to contribute, she began raising the kittens and is as kind as they come. We are really pleased with her!

The two of them have come a long way and are a real example of how far even a little kindness and warmth can go.
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