Budweiser Clydesdales Reunite With Puppy in Heartwarming Ad(video)

Animals from various species will occasionally become pals. Even if the animals in films and advertisements are well-trained, it can nevertheless happen in the wild. With their most recent advertisement featuring animals, Budweiser tried to win the hearts of Americans.

Beautiful horses called Clydesdales have been featured in Budweiser advertising for a long time. This time, the magnificent creatures are playing in meadows and deserted streets as they search for their canine friend.

Due to quarantine, many people haven't been allowed to visit a pub or hang out with their pals. The well-known beer firm tells its followers that they wish we could all enjoy a drink with our friends soon.

The advertisement opens with a magnificent Clydesdale having fun while traveling to visit his dearest friends. He runs into other horses along the road and ultimately comes upon a cute puppy. They all seem to enjoy one other's company, which gives us optimism that we'll soon be able to see our loved ones again.

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