Employer Snaps Photo Of Mother Who Brought Newborn With Her To Work(video)

These days, parents who work are so prevalent. Seventy percent of working mothers in the US have children under the age of 18. Melody Blackwell is included in that statistic.

Melody i
s employed in Tennessee as a chiropractic assistant. She took three months off from work after the birth of her daughter, Nora-Jo. Now that Nora-Jo is five months old, Melody is back at work.

Her supervisor lets her bring Nora-Jo to work with her on Mondays. Melody can work from home the most of the time, but she doesn't hesitate to come in if one of her coworkers needs assistance.

Melody informs Love What Matters that Nora-Jo merely works beside her as they sit at the front. She'll either hold her if she nods off or put her in a carrier so she can get her rest.Melody benefits greatly from this in two ways. It lowers the cost of child care expenses and allows her to nurse her child at her own comfort level without requiring any assistance.

Dr. Elizabeth Baker, Melody's supervisor, is quite complimentary of her multitasking skills. She has seen that she can hold Nora-Jo, take notes, and answer calls without any problems.

Dr. Bakers was so moved by this that she quickly took a picture and posted it on Facebook. "She makes it look easy" is how she captioned her post. While some mothers were rather open to it, others weren't. A few felt envious and wished they too had a supervisor as good as Dr. Baker.

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