Denver Zoo didn't know who fathered a baby orangutan. So, Maury Povich did a DNA test(video)

"You are the father!"

After baby Siska, an orangutan, was born, there was a lot of drama at the Denver Zoo. It was unknown to the zookeepers who the father was—Jaya, age 16, or Berani, age 30. Thus, in order to ascertain Siska's true paternity, they identified Maury Povich as the ideal candidate.

One of the highlights of Povich's 31-year tenure as host of his own daytime talk program was his paternity tests, in which he would theatrically explain whether or not he was the father.

Maury revealed to the world on December 19th, through a video that the zoo had posted.

Wearing a tuxedo, Povich remarked, "We want to thank the Denver Zoo for everything they do, but this is really important." "Berani, you are the father when it comes to the orangutan—4-month-old Siska—" he said, superimposing images of the two orangutans in question on the screen.

Povich started out as a professional journalist, but his name is now linked with paternity testing. Povich began her career in the 1960s as a news anchor before taking over as presenter of "A Current Affair" in 1986.

When Povich won the Daytime Emmy Awards on December 16 for Lifetime Achievement, his wife, journalist Connie Chung, corrected the record.

According to ABC News, Chung remarked, "I know that you think he's been determining the paternity of every child in America all his life."

Chung went on, "But no, in his 67 freaking years in television, he's been a news reporter, news anchor, and host of an old-fashioned talk show where he interviews members of Congress, world leaders, authors, movie stars, and even Julia Child."
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