Police officer adopts baby found in Safe Haven Baby Box after she was hospitalized with stroke

One of the most unselfish things one can do is adopt a child.

Many of us have loving, nurturing families that cherish us and provide us all the security and affection we could ever want. Unfortunately, a great number of people lack access to those same fundamental yet essential elements.

Simply put, thousands of kids in the US are living in foster homes and have no idea when they will find their permanent family. They are made to grow up in a situation that no child should ever experience through no fault of their own.

However, one young girl who was placed in a Safe Haven Baby Box and then adopted by a police officer won't ever need to be concerned about that.

According to reports, Mishawaka, Indiana, police officer Bruce Faltynski and his wife Shelby decided to adopt early this year.

They adopted their daughter Kaia, who is 8 years old, in March, but it was obvious that they still felt like their family was incomplete.

As they completed the adoption of infant Myah, who had been given up by her mother at a Safe Haven Baby Box earlier this year, that final piece that had been missing from their puzzle was finally placed last Friday.

Myah was first taken to the hospital after being discovered in the safety box, according to sources. She suffered a stroke, as established by the doctors, but Bruce said the child has recovered and is progressing as expected.

A Baby Box is "a safety mechanism given for under state's Safe Haven Law that legally lets a woman in crisis to surrender if they are unable to care for their infant," according to the SHBB website.

"A Baby Box is inserted in a specified hospital or fire station's outside wall. It features an internal door that allows a medical staff member to secure the relinquished baby from within the approved facility and an external door that locks automatically when a newborn is placed inside the Baby Box.

I don't know how you feel about Baby Boxes, but no one can deny that in this specific case, they have contributed to something genuinely unique.
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