10-Year-Old Girl Praised As 'Hero' For Talking Mom Through Home Birth While On 911 Call(video)

Only her 10-year-old daughter was there to assist Viola Fair, 30, when she went into labor three weeks earlier than anticipated at home. Despite this, she did an admirable job.

On October 23, 2022, Fair was forced to urge her daughter Miracle Moore to dial 911 in order to get assistance. Miracle kept composed and chatted with Central County Emergency 9-1-1 dispatcher Scott Stranghoener despite the agony she was seeing her mother through. Stranghoener taught the little girl how to assist her mother until an emergency medical team arrived at their Jennings, Missouri, home.

The North County Fire & Rescue described Miracle's "sheer magnificence" at how she handled the issue in a post on its Facebook page. "In order to help her mother birth Jayla, Miracle was able to provide coaching. When the mother didn't cooperate with the directions provided over the phone, Miracle used her own "mom voice," and when Jayla was born, Miracle was there with a towel to clean her face, encourage her to cry, and keep her warm until the paramedics came "the message said.

During the conversation, Miracle instructed her mother in accordance with Stranghoener's instructions by using her "mom voice." Miracle instructed her, "Mama, they said lay on your back in the center of the bed or on the floor," and added, "Don't sit on the toilet." She's sobbing, Miracle told Stranghoener.

In addition, Miracle assisted in covering Fair with blankets and unlocking the front door in order to facilitate the entrance of the emergency personnel. I suppose her water broke, she stated to Stranghoener after calling out to her mother, "It's OK, Mama, it's OK!"

Miracle exclaimed as the big time arrived, "She's on her way! She's on her way! "while encouraging her mother to rest. "There she is! Her head is located here "To Stranghoener, she spoke. She eventually said, "She's out!" Stranghoener then told her to make sure the umbilical cord wasn't wrapped around the baby's neck, gently wipe her nose and mouth, and wrap her in a clean, dry towel.

Please take great care not to drop the infant. Over the phone, Stranghoener informed her. Miracle had been on the phone for about 11 minutes when the medical staff finally arrived. Later, Stranghoener remarked that KSDK Miracle done a fantastic job. "I quickly realized that our position was critical. She did a fantastic job following all of my instructions to a "T," according to our set of protocols, Stranghoener said, adding, "A few minutes later, we had another baby girl in the house."

As a result of being recognized by the authorities as a "local hero," Miracle received a variety of gifts from them, including a special certificate, a customized shirt, a pink stork pin (which EMS workers typically receive after delivering a baby in the field), a tablet with educational games, and a journal. Jayla, Miracle's new infant sister, also got some gifts, including clothing and a Pack 'n Play.

Fair added, "She was really helpful," and expressed her extreme "thankfulness" for her oldest daughter. Meanwhile, Miracle is content with her new role as a big sister. "She is quite adorable. She seldom cries, and I frequently get to hold her "Miracle said.
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