A Cute Innocent Baby Elephant Searches For A Girl’s Trunk!(video)

Animals are extremely innocent and adorable to me.

Any animal at a newborn stage is just too cute!

This poor baby elephant was taken to an Indian wildlife rehabilitation facility after it was rescued by its heifer after falling into a 15-meter ditch on a tea plantation.

The staff of the sanctuary took good care of the elephant, who was initially quite sad but quickly recovered his health and happiness.

The newborn elephant is presently living in the sanctuary with the other elephants, making everyone who visits smile and cuddle with it. The tourists like this cute and cuddly creature!

Baby elephants like taking their time to explore everything around them!

The girl's "proboscis" is so much shorter than the elephant's long trunk that the elephant uses its trunk to explain this. The elephant rushes with its long nose in search of a trunk despite its lack of one.

The girl appeared to be having a wonderful time giggling despite the elephant's inappropriate curiosity as it looked for the "trunk"

The newborn elephant may feel the female is an abnormally formed elephant!

With this brave move, everyone fell in love with this adorable baby elephant! God’s magnificent animals!!!

Imagine having the privilege of being near elephants, especially young ones. They are incredible beings.

Watch the amazing moment here:
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