Beluga Whale pair Rescued from Performing as show Animals can’t stop Smiling of joy!(video)

I'm so delighted to see these two beluga whales being released, and I love how content and cheerful this one is.

Two beluga whales finally had the chance to experience freedom after over ten years in captivity!

Little Grey and Little White had a momentous day, and they could not contain their enthusiasm when the rescue crew transferred them.

The beluga duo spent nine years at Shanghai, China's Ocean World, where they were made to act as display animals in return for goodies. The magnificent animals were transported here in 2011 from a Russian research facility, where they had been living apart from the water.

That's incredible. What a lovely smile he has

The adorable creatures now have the opportunity to experience freedom once more, due to the work of the Sea Life Trust, a UK-based organization. They have been sent to Iceland, the first beluga refuge in the world, which is approximately 6,000 kilometers away. The two belugas will finally get the opportunity to swim in open water without restriction after almost a decade.

Little Grey and Little White have safely arrived in their new home after a protracted flight.

Before their eventual release into the larger sanctuary in Iceland's Klettsvik Bay, they will now begin a period of acclimation to their new natural surroundings.

Wonderfully wonderful

Outstanding work from all parties involved To be commended are the rescuers! 

They wouldn't know how to live in the wild after 20 years in [cap.ti.vity], so a sanctuary is the best location for them. We're glad they made it there.

He seems content; I wish him good health and a long life.

View the fantastic video below:
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