Eric Roberts’ Wife Thought He Was Gay When They First Met But Now He Hates ‘Being Away From Her’

There isn't another grin in Hollywood that compares to the Roberts', and whether it's Eric's, Julia's, or Emma's, it can enliven both little and large screens like no other.

But for the oldest Eric Roberts, his love for his wife Eliza, with whom he has been married for more than 20 years, is what truly makes him happy.

On April 18, 1956, in Biloxi, Mississippi, Eric was born to a vacuum cleaner salesman father and a real estate agent mother. In 1978's "King of the Gypsies," he made his feature picture debut to great acclaim and his first Golden Globe nomination. Eric became well-known because to the success of the movies that came after, including "Star 80," "The Best of the Best," "Blood Red," and "The Pope of Greenwich Village," and an Oscar nomination for 1985's "Runaway Train" solidified his star status in Hollywood.

However, enormous celebrity also carries a lot of responsibilities. Eric too became caught up in the risky drug abuse cycle, much like the Hollywood bad boys of the early 1980s. Eric was detained in 1987 on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and in possession of cocaine and marijuana. For many years, drugs would still be a part of his life.

Before dating Kelly Cunningham a few years later, Eric was romantically involved with the actress Sandy Dennis for five years in the early 1980s. He and Cunningham had a child named Emma, who would grow up to become a Hollywood star like her renowned father and aunt Julia.

But Eric's love destiny was sealed by a fortuitous encounter on an aircraft.

Eric and casting director Eliza were familiar with one another before they even met since they moved in similar Hollywood circles. Eric just so happened to be seated next to her on an MGM Grand airplane. They each had screenplays in their hands that they intended to read on the flight, but they decided against doing so because they wanted to "talk shop" instead of engaging in actual conversation. Eliza casually inquired about Eric's favorite screenwriter throughout the chat, to which he responded, "David Rayfiel," who also happened to be Eliza's father.

One little intuition, nevertheless, had been on Eliza's mind. She revealed to Vanity Fair:

"Therefore, there were all these odd links. The fact that he was quite attractive and had a cat named Tender on his lap led me to believe that he was likely gay.

Fortunately for them, that wasn't the case; six years later, on August 11, 1992, they said "I do." Since then, they haven't looked back.

Eric had Emma from a prior relationship, and Eliza had two children from a previous marriage, despite the fact that neither of them are biological parents. Keaton Simons, one of Eliza's kids, is a musician who performs with the group Brett Young Music. Daughter Morgan, who is her second kid, has chosen to pursue a career in baking instead of the arts.

Many people have questioned Eric and Eliza about the keys to their long-lasting relationship because they have been married for 20 years and in love for much longer. They claim that life isn't always filled with sunshine and butterflies.

Eliza faced challenges in the early years of her marriage since Eric continued to use narcotics. About his addiction at the time, he said:

"Everyone was doing cocaine, from CEOs to craft service. My wife told me it was either me or the coke because of how much I was using it. I took every psychoactive. I was taken into custody (in 1987). I returned to the pot. I've been a marijuana user my whole life, with a few periods of what I like to refer to as "binge sobriety."

When Eric was asked directly in an interview what had caused him to stop the habit, he pointed without hesitation to his wife.

"Oh her! … It was like, "Coke or Eliza," you know, (coke or Eliza)... It's either me or this dreadful medicine, what are you doing?

Together, Eric and Eliza overcame the challenge, which strengthened their relationship. Eric tells Closer Weekly that he makes no effort to conceal his love for his wife.

"I was only gone from her for three days when I realized how much I hated it. I can't bear it; she's my roommate, friend, confidante, manager, and the female I kiss, and I got old with her.

While this was going on, Eliza had praised her husband, saying, "He's had the bad-boy image from age 19 to 59, and still the crush-worthiness of him transcends years and genders."

Eric and Eliza have created a lovely and adventurous life together since their "love at first script," which now includes becoming grandparents to Emma's first child, who will be born on December 27, 2020, with actor Garrett Hedlund.

We wish the happy couple all the best, and if history is any indication, they will undoubtedly overcome any difficulties that may arise.
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