Fisherman Throws Life Jacket To Save Drowning Dog, But It’s Not A Dog At All(video)

Sports fisherman Renato Borella was on vacation and he and his tour guide Neco were rowing their boat on the broad river in Mato Grosso, Brazil. ilovemydogsomuch adds that when the two approached the wetlands, they noticed a black tail swerving agitatedly in the river.

Neco hurriedly tossed a lifejacket to save the creature as they immediately believed a dog was lost and drowning in the water.

In this video, Renato and Neco can be seen watching the creature try to save himself by holding onto the lifejacket. When the two look at the wet animal's face, they see that he is actually a local monkey rather than a dog. The men choose to overcome their anxieties and assist the monkey onboard despite the fact that the local monkeys are known to be ferocious and antagonistic toward people.

The men tremble in terror as they witness the strong monkey ascending the boat. The monkey, however, simply gestures in the direction of the neighborhood shore as he poisely seats himself on the edge of the boat. The men comprehend and steer the boat in the direction the monkey wants to go.

The monkey finally grips a tree branch as the boat approaches the shore and vanishes into the forest. The men think the monkey was kicked out of his colony, which would account for why he was walking about by himself. They are moved by the monkey's friendly side and wish for him to avoid problems in the future. We are grateful to Renato and Neco for this valiant rescue!

To see how the fearless fishermen managed to save the wild monkey, click the video link below!
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