They Tried To Take The Ball From Panda, He Throws The Most Adorable Tantrum(video)

One of the prettiest animals on the earth is a baby panda. They seem like enormous, cuddly teddy bears. As this charming video demonstrates, they are also quite lively and have wonderful personalities. This young panda is crazy with his ball and plays with his carers in the sweetest ways. happiest writers.

Even kids who are animals want to play with toys. Toys help children acquire crucial social skills including cooperation and interaction with others, as well as practical life lessons. On the other hand, this newborn panda is determined about keeping his ball to himself.

The San Diego Zoo shared this cute video of a young panda playing with a ball and his caregivers. A ball was given to Xiao Liwu, a newborn panda, on his 18th exam to "test his balance and inspire him to play with new things."

During a panda checkup, young pandas are given a variety of toys to play with so they may learn more about their surroundings. Baby Xiao Liwu received two balls, some bamboo, and a tree branch.

Xiao Liwu was accustomed with the bamboo and tree branch, but the ball was new to him. The little panda is fixated on his ball and has no interest in anything else.

He held onto the ball tightly and wouldn't let go even when the caregivers tried to take it away from him. Without a question, the cutest thing we've seen in a while is this newborn panda.

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