Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Feeling Guilty Over Her Kids ‘Being Judged’ By Strangers Due To Her Fame(video)

Jennifer Lopez is adored by everybody; she captured the hearts of the country with her portrayal in the popular biopic "Selena" in 1997 and hasn't let go since. At 53 years old, Lopez is perhaps the most significant Latin performer globally. Her musical records have sold almost 80 million copies worldwide, while her films have brought in over $3 billion in revenue.

Fans of Lopez are fervently interested in her personal life in addition to her profession. The media circus went into overdrive in 2021 when word spread that actress Jennifer Lopez and her ex-boyfriend, actor Ben Affleck, were getting back together. Lopez's love life is usually in the news.

It is well known that both artists have had successful careers. Lopez is an actress and singer, while Affleck is an actor and filmmaker. In 2001, the two got together on the "Gigli" movie set. In 2002, they started dating, and by 2003, they were engaged. But the couple, who were then called "Bennifer," never got married and broke up in 2004.

Each of them married someone else after their split. After marrying singer Marc Anthony, Lopez gave birth to twins Emme and Max Muñiz. But in 2014, they got divorced. Affleck wed Jennifer Garner, his co-star on "Daredevil," in 2005, and the two remained together until their divorce in 2018.

When 2021 arrived, Lopez and Affleck discovered they were both unmarried. When they got back in touch, they witnessed love blooming once more. In July of that year, Lopez revealed on social media that they were dating, and a year later, in July 2022, Bennifer eventually got married.

However, Lopez revealed the toll that all that wealth and notoriety has done on her kids, who "didn't choose" to live in the limelight all the time.

Lopez talked candidly about how her twins' aging has affected her life in February 2022. "They're going to be 14 in a couple of days, and they have opinions about the world and their lives," she stated to Today. "And now they see their dad, me as well, we're in the public eye, what that means, what that means for them, school, everything."

The mother of two is anxious to shield her children from the spotlight, especially in light of the increased interest that followed her renewed romance with Affleck. She told the magazine that since their youth's peak, their priorities had shifted.

"I believe that we are at a new stage of life now that we are older, have children, and a different feeling of responsibility. We also have a lot more life experience. We will make every effort to share our pleasure as much as we can, but we will also keep it extremely special and personal to each other.

But Lopez acknowledged that when her children approach their angsty adolescent years, it's not all sunshine and flowers. She stated to ExtraTV:

"Now that they are older, my children are questioning the status quo and genuinely observing you; it's no longer just hearts and flowers."

"They're also coming into their own and figuring themselves out and looking at their life and seeing what they love about it and seeing what they don't like about it," Lopez realized, though.

Lopez bemoaned that this was "the time when your kids don't want to talk to you, and they're kind of individuating from you and it's all necessary" during his discussion on the subject on "The View." "Intellectually, I get it... but my heart, my heart hurts," she went on.

Lopez has also had to deal with "guilt" over the difficulties her children experience due of her notoriety. She spoke to Audacy:

"I feel bad for them because they didn't choose to be famous parents, and I think it's something that many people really can't understand."

"It's hard for them," she said. I feel this shame as mothers because of what we did to them and what we brought into their life.

She admitted that it couldn't be simple for her children to experience such judgment from others.

It doesn't matter who you are; bullying is a possibility. However, I believe it is very difficult for victims of judgment from strangers to mature and find their true selves. They seem to be aware that they are being seen via a lens, which is difficult. I think it's difficult for them, and I caused it to happen," she said.

Lopez stated that she has only recently begun talking to them about the issue. They just recently began informing me about how other individuals handle them. That's what everyone is thinking about as they enter the room. They don't recognize them for who they really are. And I believe it must be a very difficult task for them," she remarked.

She went on to say that although she hoped she could "protect" children from everything bad that happened in life, that wasn't really useful or reasonable.

It's not feasible to wish for children to never experience any suffering in their life. As you age, you do know that the discomfort is essential. It's truly a good hurt. After you overcome the discomfort, you almost feel like a warrior.
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