A son took his mother to a nursing home, where he visited her from time to time

When he left his mother, she was a patient in an institution. He recognized when he was summoned one day.

The son who abandoned his mother in an institution is the subject of this tale.

After his father passed away, the youngster made the choice to take his mother to an institution. One day, he received a call because the person who had given him life was ill.

After a brief conversation, the man understood how greatly he had miscalculated. After this encounter, a Romanian posted this tale on social media. The sentences that followed were read by thousands of individuals, who became more sensitive.

After his father passed away, a son moved his mother into an institution, where he occasionally went to see her. He received a call one day saying his mother was passing away.

A youngster crying uncontrollably asked his mother what he could do to help her. She said, "Offer love around you, and I'd like you to alter the ineffective fans in this institution."

One day I felt suffocated, trapped between these walls of loneliness and a lack of affection. Another item is...

Would it be possible to also replace the refrigerators? There were times when the food had gone bad, and I went to bed hungry.

I'll comply with all your requests. Yet why now, as you approach death? Please explain why you didn't inform me sooner. Therefore, son. His mother answered...

When you pass away and your kids don't want you at their sides either, I think of you. You'll be brought here.

On the personal social media account, a message is posted that reads, "This way, you will discover better conditions... What you'll provide... What you'll get is..."
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