Raccoon Forms Sweetest Friendship With Deer Who Lost Her Mom

Carrie Long, a certified wildlife rehabilitator, got a call about a newborn raccoon in need last year. He had been given up by his mother at the age of barely three weeks when he was discovered clinging to life during a downpour.

Long chose to take the raccoon in since her group, Texas Fawn and Friends, specialized in saving orphaned deer. Jasper was his given name.

Long told The Dodo, "We weren't sure he was going to make it.

Jasper was able to live because of Long's generosity and concern, and now he is returning the favor.

Jasper has chosen to keep Long's deer sanctuary his home despite attaining maturity and being able to go it alone. He now contentedly coexists with the 75 orphaned deer cared for by Texas Fawn and Friends throughout the expansive area, but there is one in particular who has unmistakably captured his heart.

Hope is her name. She also lost her mother when she was a little child. Jasper, though, makes certain she never feels alone.

Jasper simply adores her, Long remarked. "As soon as he spots her, he rushes to lick and cuddle her. It's the sweetest thing ever.

Jasper and Hope's endearing bond may be seen in the following video:

Hope and Jasper are doing well. And everything is done on their terms.

Long responded, "He sees her every day." She arrives in the evening and lies close to him. They are interacting in a cool way.

Long anticipates taking care of around 100 orphaned fawns this year; without Texas Fawn And Friends' commitment and labor, none of them would likely survive. However, they are given an opportunity to succeed there, not only have their lives spared.

None other than what Long would have wanted.

It's a really satisfying job, she remarked.
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