Blake Lively Shares That Her Children Help Her Feel Better In Her Skin

Blake Lively was born in August 1987 in Los Angeles, California, and is well-known for both her acting and her remarkable appearance. Elaine and Ernie Lively, her parents, both worked in the entertainment and film industries, which inspired Lively to try her hand at acting. She would enroll in the acting lessons her parents taught because they worked in the entertainment industry. The little girl received unique teachings as a result, which helped her develop into the actress she is today. Lively got her major break in 2005 after landing her first significant part in "Sandman" in 1998. Bridget, who played the lead in "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," then appeared in "Accepted" in 2006 and "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" in 2008.

The stunning blonde quickly rose to fame as an actor, and in 2007 she was cast in the multi-year series "Gossip Girl." Even now, fans still like the actress's portrayal of Serena Van der Woodsen. With roles in films like "The Town" with Ben Affleck, "A Simple Favor" with Anna Kendrick, and "The Green Lantern" in 2010 with Ryan Renolds—who would later become her future husband—her acting reputation began to expand.

The two actors continued to be friends after performing in "The Green Lantern" together. Lively was dating actors like Leonardo Dicaprio while Reynolds was wed to Scarlett Johansson. Eventually, the two started dating following Reynolds' 2011 summer divorce from Johansson. Lively and Reynolds quickly grew close and got married in September 2012. The celebrity couple now has three daughters and a wonderful life after many years. Lively claimed that having daughters had improved her sense of self-worth and self-assurance.

After deciding to start her own business, Lively introduced the Betty Buzz line of non-alcoholic mixers in 2021. She discussed how she began her acting career at a young age in an exclusive interview with Forbes in May 2022. When you start acting, you'll accept whatever job you can get, she said. "I started acting when I was 16 years old."

As an actor, you are frequently just a "person-for-hire" instead of the one telling the story or setting the direction, the star said. "With opportunity, if you're fortunate enough, you're able to be a little bit more picky about your gigs, but even once you're there."

She wanted to develop into more than just an actor because of this. The celebrity wished to influence her own career. "Put me anyplace, and I'll just stand there and say anything you want and wear whatever clothing you want," I confess, "but I'm just much too nosy and interested and curious and active to be content simply talking. Since I couldn't also have authorship in my work position, I saw that I was feeling less and less fulfilled.

The famous actress, businesswoman, wife, and mother continued by saying that after taking on her largest role to date—motherhood—she discovered that her time and decisions were even more crucial to be in charge of than before.

She said, "Once I had kids, that simply got more meaningful because my time was much more valuable, but also I believe having kids for me helped me feel so much more in my skin."

Lively said she has never felt more secure or at comfortable in her own skin. This is not to suggest that she isn't always dealing with doubts, but she said she feels "very settled" at this point in her life.

Lively said that she now seeks for important goals in both her job and personal life. She claimed, "I simply think that growing older and having kids made me feel like I only want to pursue things where I can have very important relationships and have authorship."

The actress and businesswoman stated she is not just focused on meaningful work but also that all she does is for her family. My family always. Since I was a little child, my family has always been first, whether it be my parents, my siblings, or my own family right now. Family is at the heart of everything I do, including the creation of new things.

Lively said she makes sure everything she does, from the movies she stars in to the outfits she chooses to wear, is something her family would be proud of.

"That also affects the kinds of movies I want to appear in. I want to act in movies, direct movies, and write movies that I would be happy for my kids to witness. I simply want my kids to feel proud, no matter what dresses I'm wearing. Everything I do stems from my family, which is also the reason I feel good about what I'm doing since it has a genuine purpose and heart.
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