Little girl with “big heart” gives 500 care packages to homeless people in her neighborhood

Despite only starting first grade this fall, Paris Williams is a young child with a huge heart and a lot of hopes. Since last year, she has been assisting the less fortunate, particularly the homeless.

The 6-year-old from Kirkwood, Missouri, was motivated to assist homeless people by the book "One Boy's Magic" by Cari Chadwick Deal.

She responded, "Like the child in the novel, I wanted to offer some food to the homeless."

She then did.

Last year, she asked her mother, Alicia Marshall, how she might assist the homeless.

She came home one day and said, "I want to give back to the homeless," after reading books about giving at school. How can we assist? Remembered Alicia.

They opted to provide care packages with food, drink, and other necessities after considering their options. Her parents assembled the items, which Paris then put in the bags and penned a beautiful letter on. "Paris Care Packages" were what they were named.

"I'd help put all the stuff in," she said, "and draw all the images on the bags."

Over 500 care packages have been distributed by Paris and her parents to local homeless persons.

They had to adjust to no-contact drop-offs during the Coronavirus outbreak, but their presents were just as heartfelt.

Along with giving out comfort gifts, Paris has also contributed over 250 lunches to local vital personnel. She intends to organize a hot meal drive for the homeless this Thanksgiving and gather money for children's Christmas presents.

Additionally, a Good Samaritan is starting her own nonprofit. The Paris Cares Foundation will become a recognized non-profit if the application is approved. In the meanwhile, Paris will keep providing aid to those in need.

This tiny first-grader has such a large heart considering everything going on in the world, Alicia remarked. She wants to help others. Her objective is to assist people.

Paris never stops inspiring her parents with her amazing warmth and generosity. The hundreds of strangers she has assisted concur.

She is an extremely sociable individual. She thinks creatively.

She has a large heart. Her kid is constantly eager to lend a hand, Alicia remarked.

We are just trying our best to help her since she is the one who makes things happen.

Paris wants to do more than merely make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.

She remarked, "I want to motivate people to do well."

In 2019, Paris started a campaign to generate money for her purpose. Her first two objectives, $1,000 and $2,500, have already been attained. She is now working on achieving her $5,000 third objective. The amount of money raised so far is $3,164. T-shirts and masks are also available for purchase via her Bonfire account. All earnings will be used only to provide food for the homeless.

More and more people need positive news that inspires optimism in light of all the terrible events taking place in the world, exactly like this story of a young girl with a large heart. Learn more about Paris' tale by watching the video below.

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