Young Mother Both Takes Her Children with Her And Delivers Food While Her Husband Does This Unacceptable Thing At Home

After posting pictures of herself bringing her kids to work with her, a Russian woman who works for a courier business went famous online.

She is a young mother of two who is clutching the hands of a toddler and an infant while toting a big green express bag on her back. The popular image awed online users.

The image has been covered by the local media. The genuine circumstances of this young mother have come to light, and internet users are in awe of them.

Lada Koroleva, a delivery lady for the courier business Delivery Club, is 19 years old.

Lada Koroleva and her spouse are currently residing in a distant apartment in Moscow. Despite having a wife and two children to care for, her husband lacks the motivation to change.

She is a hands-on mother who works full time, yet she chose not to employ a nanny due to financial constraints. She is an exemplary and well-respected mother since she brings her kids to work.

Lada had her first kid when she was 17 years old. A few months later, she began working and delivering meals while pushing her infant in a stroller.

She continued to work for the courier business, but her financial struggles worsened with the birth of her second child.

Her financial burden gradually decreased as a consequence of the media attention her images received.

However, employment with a courier business is often insecure. In the future, she intends to work at a position that is more secure so that she may spend more time at home with her kids.


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