Dog Who ‘Died’ Runs Into Mom’s Arms When She Sees Her At Shelter

When Maile Trist checked her email and saw a note stating that Jazzy, her senior Chihuahua, is alive, she initially believed she had been tricked! Maile first refused to believe because her dog had passed away two years prior, but she eventually visited the Cowley County Humane Society, which had nonetheless delivered her the message.

Sadly, when she attempted to get in touch with the pair after moving in, they erased all of their social media accounts and didn't answer her calls. After 6 months, her fiance managed to get in touch with the couple to ask for Jazzy back, but he was informed that Jazzy had passed away.

When Maile was dying, she claimed that she did not forgive herself for leaving her alone. Nevertheless, miracles can occur, and this one was among the finest ever! Due to the dog's microchip, the shelter was able to identify her owner!

Anyway, in the event that Jazzy was the dog, Maile immediately went to the shelter to confirm it. The dog recognized her mother when she arrived at the shelter and immediately began to rush toward her.

However, Maile was unable to control her feelings and broke down sobbing. Jazzy's tail also wouldn't stop wagging! When Maile located her supposedly deceased puppy, I can only image how delighted she was! Such an emotional reunion! See the video down below.

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