Grandson reduces 88-year-old grandma to tears after revealing a special room he built for her in his home

Those of us who were fortunate enough to know our grandparents can understand the unique relationship we have with them.

Nobody understands this better than Matthew Stewart, a well-known Florida-based TikToker whose bond with his 88-year-old grandmother Bobbe drove him to create a special room in his house for her to live into.

For everything she had done for him over the years, Stewart wanted to express his gratitude to his grandma. He quickly won the hearts of people all across the world with the videos he shared of his cherished grandmother.

Stewart moved his grandma in with him and his wife after learning that she had Alzheimer's disease in order to ensure her safety.

In a video posted to Instagram in October 2020, the devoted grandson described the joyous moment he told GB that she would be moving in with him.

Stewart tells his grandmother that she can live in with them because their new home has a bedroom, sitting area, and bathroom that are all exclusively for her as he drives her to the construction site.

Stewart claimed that hearing GB sob and exclaim, "Just to know someone wants me," nearly broke his heart.

The least Stewart could do was to show his grandma some love in gratitude for all of the support she had given him over the years as he was going through his most trying times, he claimed.

Later, when his grandmother's regular salon had been closed for some time owing to the pandemic, he decided to turn his house into a salon so he could give her hair a treat. This was another heartbreaking incident he recalled.

He intervened and gave his beloved GB the greatest care despite his lack of haircare expertise to cheer her up.

Grandma Bobbe described the experience as a wonderful one and said it was a great time with her grandson. She said Stewart made her "beautimous." 1.3 million people viewed the salon session after it was circulated on social media.

The emotional moment Stewart and his wife told the overwhelmed granny they were having a baby and GB was going to become a Great GB, leaving her speechless and inconsolable, was captured in the last video Stewart posted on Instagram. Once she was able to speak, she said that she was prepared to change diapers.

Sadly, GB fell shortly after the news and had to enter rehab to recover. Stewart had hoped that hearing the wonderful news would encourage her to get well and return home, but regrettably, the cherished Grandma passed away at the end of January.

The young man celebrated what would have been Grandma Bobbe's 89th birthday on February 13, 2022. He uploaded a video to Instagram showcasing some of her most stunning moments.

The couple is expecting a daughter in April.

This beautiful woman made so many people happy and reminded us all to cherish our relationships, especially with those who supported us when we were younger but now need on us for care as they age. Grandma Bobbe, rest in peace.
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