Litter Crew Cleaning The Road Finds Pint-Sized Pup Someone Discarded As Trash

A surprise yet endearing find was found by Indiana Department of Transportation litter crews as they were clearing a highway in Indiana.

Members were cleaning up rubbish when they came across a little dog sitting alone on the side of the road.

Before transporting the nice dog to safety, they took a few photographs with him.

In a post on Facebook, the Indiana Department of Transportation stated one of the crew members had taken the puppy home and would have him checked for a microchip as soon as possible.

It is now uncertain if the puppy was born a stray or belonged to someone and was discarded. He would not have lasted much longer by the side of the road without food or water, so it is a blessing that he is now safe and out of harm's way.

If the puppy is unmicrochipped and its owner cannot be located, he or she will either be put up for adoption or adopted by a member of the crew.
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