Richard Gere’s Wife Says He’s Made Her ‘The Luckiest Woman In The World’ By Writing ‘Romantic’ Songs

Since he started acting in movies in the 1970s, American actor Richard Gere has been a leading man in Hollywood. Gere came from modest origins while growing up in Syracuse, New York, yet he went on to achieve great success in the entertainment business.

Despite appearing in a number of noteworthy movies over the years, two of his most well-known performances were as Edward Lewis in "Pretty Woman," where he played a wealthy New York playboy who falls in love with a Hollywood prostitute played by Julia Roberts, and as Billy Flynn, a lawyer, in the smash hit musical "Chicago."

Both of his roles earned him Golden Globe nominations, and while he didn't take home the trophy for "Pretty Woman," he did for "Chicago" in 2003.

Despite spending the majority of his long career playing leading males in dramas, Gere has avoided controversy in his personal life. He has demonstrated that he is an honest individual who will speak out for causes that he supports. And if Gere isn't as well-known in Hollywood these days as he once was, there is no denying that he made a significant impact on the city.

Alejandra Silva, a Spanish publicist 33 years younger than Gere, has been his wife since 2018. Silva, though, has stated that she is not disturbed by their more than three decades of age difference. Gere writes songs for his lovely wife, so it should come as no surprise that he is just as romantic in real life as he is in the rom-coms he has featured in. Continue reading to learn more about their touching love tale.

A household name in Hollywood is Gere. Although the actor is most known for his roles in romantic comedies, he has demonstrated a high level of talent. Gere explained to the Independent in 2017 how his acting career was constantly unexpected:

"I just always did what I wanted. You're restricted by what you're offered. But the unbelievable list of brilliant directors, actors, and writers I've worked with, you know I'm kind of shocked myself that I've been able to ride this career this long with such good people," the actor said of his career.

Another unexpected event for Gere would have been falling in love with Silva. Silva and Gere had been friends for the most of Silva's life, but their relationship only started in 2014. When she was a teenager, Gere had borrowed a boat from her father, a former vice president of the Real Madrid Football Club, and they had a brief encounter. They didn't run into each other again until 2014, when they both stayed at a motel run by Silva's relatives.

The pair was reintroduced to one another at the hotel by a friend. According to Silva's interview with Hello!, they hit it off right away. Since then, they have been a couple, says Magazine. Silva remarked, "We stared at each other and felt a really strong connection." The rest, as they say, is history: "We couldn't stop staring at each other all night, and since then we haven't been apart."

Silva converted to Buddhism after they started dating, and they later wed on Gere's estate outside of New York.

Every stage of the couple's relationship, from their first date to starting a baby, seems to have been lifted directly out of a romance book. On Silva's birthday, Gere got down on one knee in a St. Paul de Vence hotel. She told Hello! that the hotel was the most romantic place she had ever stayed. "I get emotional just remembering it," a magazine reader said.

Silva has discussed their relationship more frequently than Gere, but Gere has a lot to say about his wife. Gere referred to himself as the world's happiest guy in the same interview. Gere asked, "How could I not be?" You can't get any better than that, I tell myself, "I'm married to a beautiful woman who is brilliant, sensitive, dedicated to helping people, fun, patient, who understands how to forgive, and who's a terrific cook."

In the interview, Silva also addressed the significant age gap between the couple. Gere is 73 whereas Silva is 39. She uttered:

What has brought us together the most is our desire to help those in need, our commitment to Buddhism and the Tibetan people, and he was able to see my unconditional commitment as a humanitarian, as a person, as a woman... It's the sweetest, most romantic dream. He has promised me at least 20 good years. I have to confess that he has much more energy than me; he's much more active. I find it hard to keep up with him. He's not human!

In February 2019, the adorable couple gave birth to a kid they called Alexander in honor of his mother, E! reported online. He was the second child for both of his parents; Silva already had a son named Albert from a prior union, and Gere already had a son named Homer from his relationship with actress and model Casey Lowell. The following year, the delighted couple welcomed their second child together.

Gere is a devoted father who excels at keeping his children at the top of his priority list. All the clichés (about parenting) are true, according to Gere, who was quoted by Closer Weekly as saying, "The trivial stuff just doesn't impact you anymore when you put it against the real things in your life."

Gere attributes his thoughtfulness as a father to his own parents. Even his son is named Homer like his own father. "If he didn't have money, it was a grin or an embrace or whatever he had to help out," said Gere of his father. "And it was around me the whole time I was growing up."

There are undoubtedly countless reasons why Silva and Gere are in love, so it is not surprise that Silva gushed over him to Hello! Magazine. "I feel like the luckiest lady in the world, without a doubt," she gushed. "What could be more romantic than a man who writes you songs every day?" she pondered. "

Who knew that the "Pretty Woman" actor was also a skilled activist and songwriter in addition to being both?
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