At 76, Cher Defends Relationship With Her Hot Boyfriend 40 Years Her Junior

Cher's incredible abilities as an actor and singer have made her an icon throughout the duration of her life. Cher rose to pop popularity in the late 1960s as a part of the musical duet Sonny & Cher, and she went on to enjoy enormous success in the years that followed. Although she has experienced heartbreak and difficult moments throughout her life, she has always been a source of inspiration and joy for many people throughout the globe.

Cher put a lot of effort into honing her performance abilities and did it with lots of energy and desire. However, it was ultimately her own skill that made her the celebrity she is still today. Her outgoing nature assisted her in making connections with powerful individuals along the road.

Cher distinguished herself from other singers because to her distinctive and strong voice. The artist has now earned the title of "Goddess of Pop" in recognition of her supremacy in the predominately male entertainment sector. It comes as no surprise that this exceptional woman has amassed a large number of accolades and recognition for her outstanding work given that her career has spanned almost six decades.

While Cher's personal life played a significant role in her ascent to fame when she and Sonny gained notoriety for their show and, therefore, their union, Cher's love life significantly decreased after their divorce in 1975.

After a second marriage and a slew of well-known suitors, Cher found love again in November 2022 when she went public with a man who was more than half her age. Cher and music producer Alexander Edwards first met in October 2022 during Paris Fashion Week, but despite the public's criticism, it seems the singer doesn't give their age gap any thought. Learn more about Cher's younger lover by continuing to read.

In El Centro, California, on May 20, 1946, Cherilyn Sarkisian was given the name Cher. Cher and her family had financial difficulties when the actress was a child, so she didn't always have a luxurious existence. Cher had already demonstrated a strong interest in the arts before she was even a teenager. In fact, during her early school years, Cher even staged her very own production of the musical "Oklahoma!"

Cher eventually enrolled in the exclusive Montclair College Preparatory School, located in the Encino district of Los Angeles. Cher was taken aback by the school's affluent atmosphere. Cher was incredibly brilliant and creative even if she wasn't the best student. Her charismatic demeanor also helped her stand out among her peers.

Cher left home at the age of 16, quit school, and she and a friend headed to Los Angeles. She committed her entire life to pursuing her dream of being a famous person, starting with acting lessons while dancing in local bars to make ends meet. She had the opportunity to meet a plethora of different performers, managers, and talent agents there. When she met fellow musician Sonny Bono in November 1962, her brash demeanor paid dividends.

Before their friendship developed into a love one, Cher and Sonny became closer and better friends. On October 27, 1964, they exchanged vows in a hotel room in Mexico. Chaz Bono is the name of the kid they eventually had together. Cher had other intentions and insisted that her new husband accompany her on her musical adventure, despite the fact that their musical cooperation was initially intended to help establish Cher's solo career.

In 1965, the song "I Got You Babe" by the duet became a huge smash and peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Additionally, it enjoyed tremendous success on a global scale. Sonny & Cher gave the wonderful song "I Got You Babe" fresh life after it was first sung by the British reggae-pop group UB40. In 2003, Rolling Stone included the song on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Cher experienced enormous success in the movie business in the 1980s, securing both lead and supporting parts in a wide range of films, including "Mask" and "Moonstruck." Her career received a new lease of life throughout this decade thanks to another number-one song. "If I Could Turn Back Time," one of Cher's best-known and most recognizable songs to date, was published in 1989. The song, which served as Cher's 19th album's first single, "Heart of Stone," received accolades and popularity all around the world and has become a fan favorite to watch Cher play live throughout the years.

With her album "Believe," Cher made a comeback to the music industry in the late 1990s. The album's title track, which also has the same name, went on to become a huge hit everywhere and is still used as a symbol of optimism and hope today.

Her first musical film since "Good Times" in 1967, "Burlesque," which also starred Christina Aguilera and Stanley Tucci, had Cher in one of the principal roles. She portrayed a woman who was very protective of the other dancers at the nightclub she worked at, bringing her own experience as a mother into the movie.

Fans connected with the movie's soundtrack, and it performed well on the music charts. One of the movie's highlights was Cher's song, "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," which also peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs list.

At the Billboard Music Awards in 2017, Cher received the Billboard Icon Award and delivered a stunning performance of "Believe" and "If I Could Turn Back Time," marking her first award show appearance in more than 15 years. As a way of expressing her passion for ABBA, Cher made an appearance in "Mama Mia! Here We Go Again" in 2018 and released a cover album called "Dancing Queen" in September of that same year.

Due to her frequent appearances in the media, many details of her personal life, such as her marriage to Sonny Bono and the upbringing of their son Chaz Bono, have been known to the public. Cher's second marriage and the birth of her second son, Elijah Blue Allman, are less well known events in her life. Gregg Allman, a guitarist, singer, and composer, was his father.

It is obvious that the family has a musical heritage. Even though Elijah has dabbled in the entertainment business and his life hasn't received as much attention as that of the rest of his family, he has still demonstrated his talent and good looks.

As Cher has remained a significant presence in the public eye, discussion about her personal life has persisted. Due to her relationship with a person who is considerably younger than her, she has recently seen tremendous growth in popularity online.

On her own social media page, Cher, 76, initially announced her romance with Edwards, 37. The celebrity uploaded a picture of Alexander to Twitter in November 2022 and merely included a love heart emoji as a message.

Due to Edwards' advanced age and the staggering 40-year gap between him and Cher, this naturally sparked conversation. The singer, though, strongly defended their relationship in a series of social media posts.

She verified in the tweets that they had met at Paris Fashion Week and that he had been treating her really well. He better be treating you like the queen you are, one admirer remarked, to which Cher responded, "LIKE A."

Another fan questioned whether Paulette Howell, Cher's longtime best friend, had yet to meet Edwards. Cher responded, "No... Everyone in my family has," which seems to indicate that things are already serious.

Even though many of Cher's followers agreed that she should be happy if she is, some weren't so forgiving and expressed their skepticism about a relationship with such a significant age difference. Cher addressed the doubters directly, yet she didn't appear perturbed as she did so:

I'm not standing up for us. Haters will Hate... It's irrelevant that we're content and not bothering anyone.

She continued by addressing the fact that many people had doubts about Edwards and what he may stand to gain from their connection. As she continued, "As we all know... I didn't be born yesterday, and I can say with certainty that there are no guarantees. Every time you choose, you run the risk. I've always gambled... This is WHO I AM.

The way Cher felt about their age gap was best expressed in what she wrote:

Love is not a mathematician.

Given Edwards' background, it appears that some of her followers' worries aren't entirely unwarranted. The music producer works with singers like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and others as the Vice President of the singers and Repertoire division of Def Jam Records. He is most known, though, for his former union with Amber Rose, Kanye West's ex. Edwards and Rose even had a son together, Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, who is now three years old.

However, it appears that Edwards had a history of being unfaithful to Rose. The model claimed that her ex had cheated on her with 12 different women in August 2022. Furthermore, Edwards himself acknowledged the accusations.

On her Instagram, Rose stated:

"I'm sick of being duped and humiliated behind closed doors. You can take him, all twelve of you bums (there are probably more). You all made the decision to f*** him in spite of the fact that you were well aware he was dating a child. I viewed every message and SMS. You all knew, but because you don't owe me any devotion, it doesn't matter.

After the charges, Edwards stood up and stated, "I don't want to live like that." He acknowledged that he "could stop" cheating for a "solid six months" and "just really like, deprive myself of my true nature for as long as I can take it," but he added, "I don't want to live like that."

Cher doesn't appear concerned about his murky history, as she stated:

"I'm in love, but not love-blind."

Regardless of what anyone else has to say, Cher clearly is pleased. Additionally, Cher is aware that her relationship with Edwards is under fire, according to Us Weekly. According to a source who talked with the outlet:

"Cher is fully aware of the widespread doubt surrounding their affair, but she couldn't give a damn. She is soaking in the attention and claiming that she and AE have a very special relationship that has given her the sexiest and most alive feeling ever.

The source went on to say:

This is by no means the first fun, no-strings-attached affair she's had in recent years; she's always been drawn to younger males. She felt comfortable going public with her partner since this one seems different and unique.

On "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Cher commended her boyfriend in a conversation with Kelly Clarkson. She acknowledged that their connection would appear "a little ridiculous" on paper, but continued:

"We get along well in real life. He's amazing, and you know, I don't give men attributes they don't deserve. Yet he is really... He is extremely brilliant, very smart, very nice, and quite hilarious. Additionally, I believe he is extremely attractive.

Apart from her late ex-husband Sonny, Cher also defended her decision to date someone so much younger by saying that older guys always seemed to be quite scared by her. Cher even went so far as to claim that she "would've never had a date" if younger guys had not expressed an interest in her.

She was happy that the younger guys appeared to find her hilarious and that she had a tendency to want to do "outrageous" or "stupid" things.

Despite the fact that some people will probably still be critical of the singer's relationship, many of her admirers have shown their support for Edwards and Cher. "I'm not going to change my personality for anyone," one individual said, "more brilliant advice from Cher! I adore her; she is my real idol. Someone more chimed in, "I agree with Cher, find the person who celebrates and loves you for who you are, no matter your age."

Cher and Edwards might not be as content together as they seem, according to a May 2023 article from TMZ. Despite speculations that they had plans to wed, the couple, according to the publication, was never engaged. During the 2022 Christmas season, Cher received a big diamond ring.

It also appeared that Cher and Edwards had ended their romance, adding to the list of breakups. The purported separation allegedly occurred a few weeks before TMZ broke the story, however the publication did not specify who started the fallout.

To confirm or refute the reports, Cher and Edwards have not issued a statement or posted anything on social media. In fact, Edwards featured in a few of Cher's most recent Instagram postings, and the two couldn't have seemed more in love.

Only time will tell what Cher and Edwards' relationship status will be in the future.

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