Woman Fends Off ‘Rude’ Critics Who Shamed Her Over Large Pregnant Belly

When Eliana Vargas Rodriguez was expecting her second child, she was shocked by the amount of attention—some of it unfavorable—that she attracted for having a larger-than-average baby bulge.

Rodriguez, however, was determined not to let the body shamers get the better of her, so on June 4, 2022, she posted a video of herself showing off her visible baby bump while quoting some of the rude remarks she had previously received, such as: "You look like you're having twins," "You are huge," and "Have you checked if there's another baby in there."

Many people filled the comments section to commend Rodriguez and reassure her that there was nothing physically wrong with her.

I'm so impressed by how utterly great our bodies are!, one person added, while another said, "As long as you and your beautiful baby are healthy don't give a second thought to what anyone says."

A few days after posting the video, Rodriguez gave birth to her baby, and both mother and child were found to be healthy. She revealed to Today that her newborn baby was 20.5 inches long, whereas Sofia, her first kid, was just 19.5 inches.

"I carried big during my pregnancies; both of my children weighed 8.3 pounds at birth," Rodriguez continued.

She said to the publication that she began displaying at two months and "wondered why my belly was bigger than other women." According to Rodriguez's physicians, "it was normal because I am only 4'11 and have a shorter torso."

Rodriguez stated of her typical response to criticism, "I never gave it back in a nasty way. I would respond, "Yes, I am big, and it's hard.

It was "mind blowing how rude people can be," Rodriguez told The Independent, which inspired her to record the video.

"I was only sharing the inquiries and feedback I received every day throughout my pregnancy. I made a video to add some comedy because it didn't matter if I was at a store or on social media. But some of the feedback I got was considerably worse than the things I said," she continued.

The amount of amniotic fluid Rodriguez carried during her pregnancy, which contributed to the size of her baby bulge, was another revelation made by Rodriguez. The mother was happy to learn from her physicians that she did not have polyhydramnios, a dangerous illness that can result in too much of the fluid that protects the fetus in the amniotic sac.

"They did check the amount of fluids and checked the baby's size," she said to Today.

Even though she claimed to be "not affected by any of the negative comments," she added she could "only imagine how destructive this can be to a woman who isn't in the best frame of mind or is experiencing depression." Pregnant ladies should be treated with respect and compassion by everyone. Not to mention emotional changes, it's challenging enough to have so many bodily changes that you can't really control, she added.

Rodriguez flaunted her naked tummy once more during her third pregnancy in a clip shared on Instagram in April 2023, along with parallels to her body with her first two pregnancies. In the caption, she penned:

"I actually believe I'm smaller this time around than I was with my second one," I have ALWAYS carried BIG, that much is certain. I've accepted all of my babybumps and I adore them!

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