At 71, Model Rosa Saito Throws Conventional Age & Beauty Standards Out The Window

A model will occasionally appear who manages to defy accepted notions of beauty. Think about Ashley Graham, Winnie Harlow, and Iman. Rosa Saito, a Brazilian beauty who is dominating the fashion industry at the age of 71, might now be added to that list.

The model, a native of Ara├žatuba, So Paulo, was given the name Setsuko Saito by Japanese parents, but she altered it to something more easily pronounced. It's understandable why she was initially invited to model in her 60s. She is roughly 5'5" tall, and her statuesque stature, exquisite features, and thick grey hair make her stand out from the throng. She had never thought about pursuing a modeling career, though, so when the opportunity arose, she had to decide whether to do so.

"Professionals from the Mega modeling agency approached me twice, and a photographer approached me once. I gave the concept a year to develop because it included money as well, so I wasn't willing to jump into it blindly. Until I made the decision to take a chance," she told Estado.

She "always knew I was going to pursue something artistic, something I could invent," though. I put that side in everything I do.

Her early life was difficult; at 22, she had to put everything on hold to care for her mother who was sick. After her husband's death, she later found herself raising her three children alone. She was, however, resolved not to let her past interfere with her present. She stated to the outlet:

"I got married, I had a baby, and I was always devoting myself to someone. I was interested in testing if modeling would actually be effective.

Saito decided to take the risk at the age of 69 and hasn't looked back since.

Saito, who is now 71, has amassed an incredible body of work and amassed over 50,000 Instagram followers. Campaign photos and magazine covers that show off her unaltered natural beauty, including wrinkles and gray hair, are all over her page. According to Saito, the beauty industry is expanding its restrictive beauty standards.

"I sense that things are shifting gradually. Companies really need to be more open in that sense and see these potential clients, she added, because people are living longer and taking better care of themselves.

She told the publication that for her, health and beauty go hand in hand.

"Taking good care of your ideas and spirits is beauty itself. Being alluring and pleasant may make a person more gorgeous than being stretched and flawless in every way. I think what matters is the content," she remarked.

Saito said she avoids "anything that is chemical" in favor of more organic beauty aids like aloe and coconut oil, adding that she would never think to have botox or colour her hair.

It's how we are designed to be, naturally. Of course, as a woman, there are some things I'd like to change—we all do—but I don't feel unhappy about who I am. I think I'm gorgeous in my own eyes," she added.

Saito ensures that her body is in top condition in accordance with this, telling the newspaper, "In 2017, I dropped 10kg (approximately 22lbs), and I felt the need to gain lean muscle. I began going to the gym every day, which is something I never imagined doing in my life.

Saito isn't willing to accept anything, not even the conventional idea of aging:

"I don't think aging is the appropriate term. To learn more, I would say. I'm always learning. If I were to assign an age to my soul, I would say it is 22.
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