Couple unwilling to spend thousands have $500 budget wedding with $47 dress to start married life debt-free

In today's society, weddings are a costly business. An average American wedding is thought to cost around $30,000. But not everybody has the money or the desire to spend so much.

These newlyweds were aware that they would need to make some sacrifices in order to ensure a debt-free marriage.

Kiara Brokenbrough was planning her wedding and had already gotten engaged. But she also understood that she did not want to start her married life with her husband deeply in debt after spending thousands of dollars on a single day.

"We basically wanted to be as simple as we could. In an interview, she stated that she also wanted to spend as little money as possible.

The cost of a bride's wedding dress is among her highest outlays. Kiara asked Shein for help finding an affordable dress. She could not see the purpose in spending thousands of dollars on one because she only intended to wear it for a short period of time.

She remarked, "I had the idea [that] I'm going to wear this one time for a few hours. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a dress."

The setting the couple picked for their wedding was stunning. They choose the San Gabriel and Sierra Pelona Mountains of Southern California as their backdrop, along with the Angeles Crest Highway.

Only 30 to 40 close friends and family members were invited because they did not get a public permission. In this manner, the couple simply had to pay for the seats they rented and the arch they were married beneath!

In order to make their day come together, they also welcomed assistance from their loved ones. While Kiara's godsister and her aunt bought the couple their wedding cake, Kiara's godmother gave the newlyweds flowers.

After that, everyone traveled to Misty's Lounge to attend the reception. The wedding party just arrived at the location as soon as the restaurant opened and secured every seat they need, even though the couple had not even made a reservation!

Everyone at the restaurant knew they had to pay for their own meals and beverages. "The individuals we had there comprehended the task. Regarding the welcome, Kiara stated, "They genuinely backed us and they got what we were trying to achieve.

The young couple thinks they may encourage other couples to have less expensive nuptials. She stated that in order to have a successful marriage as well as a successful wedding day, one must keep this in mind when organizing a smaller wedding without going over budget.

These days, when everyone is fixated on spending more money to appear cooler on social media, one couple chose to act in the exact opposite way. They demonstrated to the world that the marriage is what matters most, not how much money you spend on a wedding!

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