John Travolta Posts Heartwarming Video Of New Family Dog Waking Him Up With A Smile

The first image that springs to mind when you hear the name John Travolta is of a pop culture legend whose movies have appealed to audiences of all ages. But outside of the entertainment industry, John is a devoted father to Ella Bleu and Benjamin Travolta. But did you also know that he makes a fantastic pet parent?

In case you missed it, John Travolta is now the legal father of Peanut, an adorable little pooch. But the small canine was already a celebrity before John ever took her into his arms. Yes, she made her public debut at the 94th Academy Awards, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest evenings in Hollywood.

When Peanut made her scene-stealing entrance, Jamie Lee Curtis was cradling her in her arms as she paid tribute to the late Betty White. In case you weren't aware, White was renowned for her love of animals, support of animal organizations, and enthusiasm for animal rights.

Although Peanut may appear accustomed to the flash and glamour, that isn't the case. She is really a rescue dog that Paw Works helped to keep alive. According to Chad Atkins, the co-founder and executive director of the shelter, "they were put in a box outside the Avenal Shelter." Before John adopted her, she was known as Mac N Cheese.

John uploaded a picture of him holding Peanut while holding his son Ben the day after Peanut returned home. It turned out that his son Ben had chosen to bring Peanut home. "Ben got this puppy at the Betty White tribute at the Oscars last night. Thank you, @pawworks and @curtisleejamie "He composed.

Then Curtis published John's article, calling it a "magical" moment when John and Mac N Cheese crossed paths and the latter found a home in him. "A fantastic conclusion to the tale from last night. I reunited with my pal John Travolta at the Oscars "She spoke.

Together since 1984's "Perfect," Curtis expressed her delight at John taking on the role of Mac N Cheese. John is not just someone Curtis has previously worked with but also someone she knows well.

"Last night, when Betty White was honored, I had already left the Dolby Theater and was en route home when a text message arrived with a picture of John clutching a little serving of mac & cheese in the green room before to his awarding of the best actor Oscar. I found out today that he and his son Ben have adopted sweet little mac & cheese and are bringing her home today, and I thought it was so lovely to see him with her "She spoke.

According to Curtis, John Travolta's adoption of Mac N Cheese was the ideal vehicle to spread the message of animal rights activists that adopting is preferable than buying pets.

"It is a touching conclusion and a fitting tribute to Betty White. It also shines a light on and amplifies the message that heroes who love and support animals, like Betty, Chad from @pawworks, Nancy from @perfect pet rescue, the staff at @maedayrescue, and the hundreds of thousands of other rescues, believe that saving animals and providing them with a warm and loving home is one of the most important things we as humans can do in life. #adoptdontshop, "She spoke.

The Grease actor's Instagram post about Peanut getting a home with John was reposted by the charity rescue group, which is overjoyed for Peanut as well. "We think Mac N Cheese is the biggest winner of all on a night of winners and losers!" The caption was written by Paw Works. "We are aware that @bettymwhite shone last night. Happy life, sweetheart "It was ad.

Although it would appear that the Travolta family's primary source of happiness is Peanut, there are really two. He happily displayed his son's cat on social media in 2021. In an Instagram post, John included a picture of himself holding his cat Crystal and having his kid sit on his lap.

Since then, John has been updating his Instagram account with information regarding Peanut. In an earlier video from April, John can be seen wishing his supporters a Happy Easter alongside his two kids, Ella and Ben.

The sweetest video John uploaded on social media, though, arguably shows Peanut licking his face as he lies on his bed. It appears to be Peanut's strategy for getting him out of bed. He added, "This is how Ben's dog Peanut wakes me up."

Not because he is a celebrity, but rather because he treats her like his own, John Travolta proven to be the ideal family for a rescue dog like Peanut. Despite the unfortunate beginning to Peanut's journey, at least she has found a family that will look after her for the rest of her days!
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