John Travolta shares sweet video of rescue dog waking him up with kisses

Hollywood celebrities may appear to be extremely different from you and me, yet they share certain similarities with us still, particularly when it comes to their dogs.

Animals love you without condition, and a pet's affection might be the nicest thing in the world, regardless of how famous you are.

Famous actor John Travolta recently posted a cute video of his family's rescue puppy waking him up in the morning with plenty of kisses.

The Grease and Saturday Night Fever actor won hearts earlier this year when his family acquired Mac-n-Cheese, a rescue dog who was highlighted in an Academy Awards tribute to the late Betty White.

Benjamin, the actor's 11-year-old son, now owns the dog, which has made itself at home in the household. The dog, who has been given the new name Peanut, is reportedly quite fond of the Pulp Fiction actor.

Travolta just posted a video of Peanut climbing up on top of him in bed and starting to kiss his face on social media. Travolta captioned the video, "This is now Ben's dog Peanut wakes me up."

The actor adds "I love you" and can't help but giggle at the dog's kisses, indicating that he enjoys the dog's attention.

His daughter Ella and his Hairspray co-star Michelle Pfeiffer both commented on the viral video that attracted the attention of several other celebs.

Millions of people had already seen Peanut before Travolta adopted him; Jamie Lee Curtis, the Oscars host, had highlighted the rescue dog at this year's awards show.

The Oscars paid a special homage to Betty White, who had passed away on December 31 at the age of 99, during the show's part dedicated to remembrance. Curtis brought the tiny puppy out on stage because the late Golden Girls actress was such a supporter of animals, especially rescue dogs.

In her eulogy for White, Curtis writes, "She was not merely a Golden Girl; she was a legend who illuminated every place she entered and gave a smile to everyone who saw her on the screen." She was a woman who showed such love for creatures like this on a daily basis for over a century, not only for her two-legged pals.

"Adopting a rescue dog like Mac-N-Cheese from Paw Works would be the best gift you could give Betty White, so please do it. So please accept our gratitude for Betty's friendship.

The small puppy captured the hearts of viewers all across the world and had a lasting impact on Travolta.

Backstage at the Oscars, the actor ran with Curtis, his buddy and co-star in the 1985 movie Perfect, and he couldn't help but snap a photo with the adorable rescue puppy.

As a result, Travolta decided to give his son Benjamin the dog permanently, giving the Mac 'n' Cheese a really "Hollywood ending."

When Travolta uploaded a "Happy Easter" video message in April featuring the puppy kissing Benjamin's face, Curtis was pleased to see the rescue dog was adjusting so well to his new home.
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