This Famous Celebrity Paid For $434,000 Worth Of Layaway Items For Customers At Popular Department Store

Typically, Christmas brings out the best in people. There have been increasing instances reported in recent years of people paying off layaway balances at shops so that consumers don't have to worry about finding the extra cash. Celebrities have also begun to join in on the fun.

One of the famous people who has reached out to others is Tyler Perry. He spent $434,000 to settle layaway balances at two Atlanta Walmart locations. About 1,500 individuals benefitted from his generosity.

Perry headed to the layaway section of each business after entering. He inquired about the total amount of the layaway accounts with the store managers at each location. Perry then settled each store's layaway invoices in full. On each account, he did leave one cent.

Although he made an effort to pay in secret, consumers soon learned that he had visited the businesses, thus it was impossible to conceal his identity for long. Customers may take their purchases home for the holidays by just paying the last penny on their bills.

Perry is aware that some folks are struggling financially during a time of year when they want to support their families and children. As many people as he could, he wanted to attempt to make the season a little bit nicer by doing something. He only believed that paying off a few layaway accounts could be helpful.
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