76-Year-Old Cher Defends Her Relationship With Boyfriend 40 Years Her Junior: 'Love Doesn't Know Math'

Cher's incredible abilities as an actor and singer have made her an icon throughout the duration of her life. Cher rose to pop popularity in the late 1960s as a part of the musical duet Sonny & Cher, and she went on to enjoy enormous success in the years that followed. Although she has experienced heartbreak and difficult moments throughout her life, she has always been a source of inspiration and joy for many people throughout the globe.

Cher put a lot of effort into honing her performance abilities and did it with lots of energy and desire. However, it was ultimately her own skill that made her the celebrity she is still today. Her outgoing nature assisted her in making connections with powerful individuals along the road.

Cher distinguished herself from other singers because to her distinctive and strong voice. The artist has now earned the title of "Goddess of Pop" in recognition of her supremacy in the predominately male entertainment sector. It comes as no surprise that this exceptional woman has amassed a large number of accolades and recognition for her outstanding work given that her career has spanned almost six decades.

Cher's personal life had a significant role in her ascent to fame when she and Bono were well-known for their show and, therefore, their marriage. However, after their divorce in 1975, Cher's love life became considerably less public.

After a second marriage and a slew of well-known suitors, Cher found love again in November 2022 when she went public with a man who was more than half her age. Cher and music producer Alexander Edwards first met in October 2022 during Paris Fashion Week, but despite criticism from the general public, it seems the vocalist does not give their age gap any thought. Discover more about Cher's current relationship by reading on.

The connection between Cher, 76, and Edwards, 36, was originally announced on her own social media page. The celebrity uploaded a picture of Alexander to Twitter in November 2022 and merely included a love heart emoji as a message.

Due to Edwards' advanced age and the staggering 40-year gap between him and Cher, this naturally sparked conversation. The singer, though, strongly defended their relationship in a series of social media posts.

She verified in the tweets that they had met at Paris Fashion Week and that he had been treating her really well. He better be treating you like the queen you are, one admirer remarked, to which Cher responded, "LIKE A."

Another fan questioned whether Paulette Howell, Cher's longtime best friend, had yet to meet Edwards. Cher responded, "No … Each member of my family has, "Apparently indicating that the connection is already serious.

Even though many of Cher's followers agreed that she should be happy if she is, some weren't so forgiving and expressed their skepticism about a relationship with such a significant age difference. However, Cher didn't appear perturbed as she addressed the doubters directly:

"I'm not on our side. Haters will Hate... It's irrelevant that we're content and not bothering anyone."

She continued by addressing the fact that many people had doubts about Edwards and what he may stand to gain from their connection. She clarified:

"As is well known... I didn't be born yesterday, and I can say with certainty that there are no guarantees. Every time you choose, you run the risk. I've always gambled... I AM WHAT I DO"

The way Cher felt about their age gap was best expressed in what she wrote:

Love is not a mathematician.

Given Edwards' background, it appears that some of her supporters' worries aren't entirely unwarranted. The music producer works with singers like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and others as the Vice President of the Artists and Repertoire division of Def Jam Records. He is most known, though, for his former union with Amber Rose, Kanye West's ex. Edwards and Rose even had a son together, Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, who is now three years old.

However, it appears that Edwards had a history of being unfaithful to Rose. The model claimed that her ex had cheated on her with 12 different women in August 2022. Furthermore, Edwards himself acknowledged the accusations.

On her Instagram, Amber stated:

"I'm sick of being duped and embarassed behind closed doors. You can take him, all twelve of you bums (there are probably more). You all made the decision to f*** him in spite of the fact that you were well aware he was dating a child. I viewed every message and SMS. You all knew, but because you don't owe me any allegiance, it doesn't matter."

After the charges, Edwards stood up and declared, "I don't want to live like that," even though he knew he "could stop" cheating for a "solid six months" and "just truly like, starve myself of my true nature for as long as I can take it."

Cher doesn't appear concerned about his murky history, as she stated:

"I'm in love, but not love-blind."
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