Adorable Moment Bear Cubs Holding Hands As Their Mom Goes Hunting For Dinner

Wildlife frequently gives some really delicate sightings, despite the fact that for the majority of people it is just fierce and dangerous. And it is very amazing to see these two bear cubs clutching hands. Lewis Kemper, a wildlife photographer, was fortunate to be at the right position at the right moment to take some amazing pictures.

#1. The bear cubs clutching hands as their mother leaves for a hunting trip

The charming image was observed by the 62-year-old California-based photographer while he was at Lake Clark National Park. Two cubs were watching their mother try to fetch their dinner as they were holding hands. Earlier this month, Lewis was taking a photography trip around Lake Clark in Alaska when he noticed a mother and her two cubs waiting for her to return with food. Since the bears in the region are accustomed to seeing humans, I was only around 20 feet away from the two cubs.

They were waiting excitedly for some fish at the meal, but their mother returned without any. The photographer said that the two bears "held hands for almost 20 seconds." They had thought that their mother would bring them food, but she had returned without any fish. Wildlife specialists estimate that bears only succeed in hunting 10% of the time.

Even though the majority of bears enjoy eating fish, plants make up the majority of their diet. Although bears enjoy eating fish, Lewis continued, "the majority of them are omnivores and mostly consume vegetation, including a lot of grass."

The two cubs are not the only animals that were photographed shaking hands with one another, though. Two penguins were seen clutching flippers on a South African beach a few years ago by a couple. The sweet meeting at the time swiftly gained popularity on social media and captured the hearts of millions. Look at this!
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