Baby elephant is greeted with a hug after arriving in sanctuary, meets her new best friend

Elephants are such amazing, gorgeous creatures. They are incredibly clever and have a human-like capacity for interpersonal relationships.

Like two young orphaned elephants who, when they were in need, discovered one other and developed a strong, loving friendship.

Elephant Nature Park is a rescue and rehabilitation facility in Thailand that offers elephants in need of assistance a natural setting. Elephants like Chaba and her mother, who were rescued from a tourist attraction and came to the refuge last year.

Even though she was in capable hands, Chaba was initially quite wary of her surroundings—that is, until another baby elephant made the decision to become her best friend.

A young elephant named Pyi Mai, who had been rescued from tourism along with her mother, came over and clasped Chaba's trunk in her own as if giving her a consoling hug.

Park projects director Ry Emmerson told The Dodo, "It seemed like Pyi Mai was yelling, 'Welcome home!'" "We already knew they would become the best of friends at that point!"

Chaba was relieved to have a new best buddy to play with at the sanctuary after that, so she stopped worrying.

In a post on Facebook, Elephant Nature Park stated that Pyi Mai and Chaba "do everything together." They are happiest while playing together, whether it is in the dirt or the water or even when eating.

"[Their] joy is abounding when they are together. They will both develop further in their most cherished relationship as best friends for life.

They truly had the most endearing friendship; their relationship served as a reminder of how sociable and content elephants can be when not kept as pets or used as entertainment.

The sanctuary shared a cute video of Pyi Mai and Chaba having fun and exploring a large pile of dirt, writing, "Pyi Mai and Chaba are as happy as children should be."

"Their expressions exude confidence. They are free to play anywhere they want. All baby elephants deserve this. We are overjoyed to witness their happy and free upbringing.

Additionally, they serve as an illustration of the type of interpersonal interactions and communication abilities that elephants are capable of.

According to Emmerson, who spoke to The Dodo, "they are constantly communicating through vocalizations and touch." The other baby will immediately call [for her friend] to return if one of the babies wanders off. They have an unwavering, sincere love for one another. It's inspiring to see and something we can all learn from.

"They are equally kind, affectionate, and playful elephants. We kindly refer to them as "double trouble." They are best friends and always playing and misbehaving together, as they should!
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