Due to the fact that his owner is the only thing in his life, the devoted dog will not leave him.

The family of Victor Reyna Vásquez had no idea that he would suffer a horrible end. The 57-year-old man is severely alcoholic and resides in Montemorelos, Mexico.

He had just left the home as usual when he wandered dangerously close to the railroad lines along Calle Escobedo and Tampico in Barrio La Estación. As a result of the horrific accident, the guy lost his life.

So they discovered the devoted dog snuggled up close to its owner.

He was inebriated, it was nighttime, and the train conductor scarcely saw him. Victor Reyna Vásquez, however, was not by himself; he was joined by his devoted dog, who had been his constant friend for a number of years.

The dead man's uncle used to own the dog, but over time he decided to keep it as a pet. Despite Victor's rather turbulent and disjointed existence, the dog never once turned his back on him, not even after Victor passed away.

It was impossible to approach Victor Reyna Vásquez's body while he was being protected by this kind soul.

Victor's body was being tightly guarded by the magnificent dog when the Mexican authorities came at the location of the incident to identify the dead and remove it from the railway lines.

The dog, who was prepared to defend his master's honor at any cost, actually made the job of the police a bit more difficult since he warned everyone who tried to approach Victor's body.

The Montemorelos Governor became aware of the dog's loyalty after the image of him following his owner went popular on social media. He was so shocked by his commitment that he offered to adopt him.

The governor initially believed that the dog was abandoned after Victor Reyna Vásquez passed away, but in actuality, the dog lives in a very simple house. But when the politician's relatives found out about his plans, they accepted his suggestion.

Authorities talked with Victor Reyna Vásquez's relatives.

Because Victor's family is so lowly, they are aware that the dog would have a better life under the state governor's care.

He was effectively homeless as a result of his master's continual travelling, and he lacked the attention that a pet needs.

The dog will get all the care he needs and live a more tranquil existence

The dog has been given to Civil Protection, and will thereafter be sent to a veterinary clinic for a full medical assessment. He was then expected to begin a new life at the residence of the Montemorelos governor.

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